Coastal Retreat: Modern Minimalism Meets Cape Cod

Set against California’s iconic coastal backdrop, the Coastal Retreat designed by Walker Warner artfully marries Cape Cod traditions with modern minimalism. In this home, every architectural detail from the glass tread spiral staircase to the Azul Bahia granite kitchen counters enhances the breathtaking ocean views. Emphasizing simplicity and a light, airy palette, the house exemplifies coastal living with a contemporary twist.

A modern, two-story home with a wooden exterior, large windows, and a wraparound porch.
Spacious minimalist living room with large windows offering scenic countryside views.
A modern, minimalist interior with an aquarium and built-in wooden cabinetry.
Contemporary kitchen with open floor plan, marble backsplash, and integrated lighting.
Lavish modern dining space with sleek furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a breathtaking sunset view.
Warm, minimalist room with panoramic window overlooking rural landscape and yellow armchairs.
Sleek, modern interior with minimal lighting design and exotic sports cars displayed.
A cozy, modern home with wooden shingles, open floor plan, and expansive outdoor deck.
Coastal modern home with wood siding, gabled roof, and ample outdoor living space.

About Coastal Retreat

Welcome to Coastal Retreat, where designer Walker Warner blends modern design with Cape Cod aesthetics in California.

Exterior Elegance: A Coastal Icon

The Coastal Retreat facade features asymmetrical pitched roofs and classic shingle siding. Positioned among wildflower-laden bluffs, it overlooks the ocean. Large windows and doors create a seamless transition from the rugged outdoors to the serene interiors.

Living Room: Blending Indoors and Outdoors

The living room offers expansive views through large sliding glass doors. Comfortable, curved furniture invites relaxation. The clean white palette, combined with natural elements, emphasizes simplicity. A large indoor plant and soft lighting create a cozy ambiance.

Kitchen and Dining Room: Ocean-Inspired Elegance

Transition from the living room into the vibrant kitchen. Brazilian Azul Bahia granite countertops mimic the nearby sea with bold colors. Large windows flood the space with natural light. The seamless cabinetry and light wood finishes create a modern, airy feel. The adjoining dining room features modern white furniture with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Clean lines and minimalist design highlight the stunning sunset vistas visible through the large glass walls.

Spiral Staircase: A Dramatic Centerpiece

At the core stands a bespoke spiral staircase with glass treads, lit by fiber optic lights for a dramatic night effect. This feature connects levels with flair, reflecting the home’s modern pulse.

Reading Nook: Cozy with a View

The reading nook offers a quiet retreat with comfortable yellow chairs. Large windows frame the expansive outdoor views, allowing natural light to pour in. This space is perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

Garage: A Showcase of Luxury

The journey concludes in the spacious garage, designed to exhibit luxury vehicles. Angular, modern lighting highlights the sleek cars. Colorful, abstract wall art adds a touch of vibrancy to the clean, white space.

The Coastal Retreat by Walker Warner is a testament to sophisticated, coastal architecture, merging tradition with modernity.

Photography by Matthew Millman

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- by Matt Watts