LD Apartment: Flexible Living in Modern Rome

LD Apartment in Rome, Italy, designed by Incognito Studio, exemplifies modern design with a focus on flexibility and movement. This 753 sq ft (70m²) apartment seamlessly blends living, kitchen, and bedroom spaces. Highlighting wood, concrete, and steel, it features a striking concrete beam and a vertical steel pillar. The southern wall embraces minimalism, while the northern wall combines wood and terracotta, adding warmth and character.

Bright, open-concept living space with rustic beams, wood furniture, and lush greenery.
Bright, airy living space with exposed wooden beams, natural decor, and herringbone floors.
Minimalist room with wooden furniture, built-in shelves, and potted plants.
Minimalist and modern interior with white walls, herringbone wood floors, and a grey sofa.
Modern kitchen with minimalist furnishings, pendant light, and herringbone flooring.
An airy, minimalist space with exposed wood beams, white walls, and a sleek kitchen.
Minimalist bathroom with wooden vanity, vessel sink, and frameless mirror with black trim.

About LD Apartment

LD Apartment explores flexible and dynamic living spaces. Within its 70m² (753 sq ft) layout, the living room, kitchen, and bedroom seamlessly merge. This design promotes adaptability, transforming the apartment throughout the day.

Innovative Architectural Features

A horizontal concrete beam anchors the space.

A vertical steel pillar contrasts dramatically, serving as the new gravitational center. This purely architectural element stands out.

Material Harmony

Wood, concrete, and steel integrate to create a captivating contrast. The warmth of wood blends with the coolness of concrete and the sleek allure of steel.

Minimalist Southern Wall

The southern wall, in pristine white, acts as a minimalist canvas. It emphasizes natural light and a bohemian influence, connecting with nature and simplicity.

Rich Northern Wall

The northern wall combines wood and terracotta. This blend celebrates daily life rituals, adding warmth and timeless charm to the space.

Photography by Nicolò Panzeri

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- by Matt Watts