Luminous Apartment: Brass Accents in Moscow’s Skyline

Transforming the Luminous Apartment in Moscow, designer Alexander Tischler blends modern elegance with practical luxury. This high-floor space features bespoke furniture, brass accents, and sophisticated lighting, creating a unique and personalized interior.

Sleek modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, plush neutral sofa, and abstract art.
Luxurious modern apartment with gold accents, large windows, and stylish furniture.
Sleek, contemporary living space with rich textures, bold patterns, and warm metallic accents.
Modern, minimalist living room with abstract artwork, sleek furniture, and a marble-tiled floor.
Elegant modern kitchen with marble surfaces, brass accents, and ornate chandelier.
A modern, minimalist bedroom with a sleek sofa, glass coffee table, and built-in shelving.
Expansive bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, brass chandelier, and modern furniture.
Luxurious bedroom with tufted headboard, brass chandelier, and abstract area rug.
Striking marble bathroom with ornate gold-toned walls and glass shower enclosure.
Luxurious marble bathroom with sleek fixtures and warm wood accents.
A modern bathroom with sleek white tiles, marble floors, and a stylish vanity.

About Luminous Apartment

We designed and delivered a sophisticated interior for a successful businesswoman. Previously, we completed a similar project for her but added more details this time. Our team combined two rooms into a large bedroom with a bathroom and workspace.

Comprehensive Project Management

We created the design and completed the interior. We prepared the estimate and fixed the price during the design stage. This way, the price remained unchanged throughout the process. We also designed the cabinet furniture specifically for this apartment.

Unique Design Elements

The interior is mostly white with exquisite details. Brass inserts between Atlas Concorde porcelain stoneware tiles add a unique touch. We cut the tiles to create a fragmented floor pattern.

Functional Living Spaces

The large living room has multiple functional areas: a kitchen with a dining table, a workspace by the window, and a sofa near the electric fireplace. The white corner kitchen set has glass fronts and accent lighting. An intricate gold-finish Brand van Egmond chandelier hangs above the marble dining table.

Bedroom and Bathroom Design

The bedroom windows face west, filling the space with sunset rays. We designed three mirrored closets and a shelving unit. Above the bed, we hung a Brand van Egmond chandelier, matching the living room’s style. The bathroom features a transparent partition wall with a bronze frame and a backlit onyx panel.

Innovative Technology and Comfort

We installed a TV with a pan-and-tilt mounting bracket, allowing views from multiple angles. Natural onyx surrounds the electric fireplace, creating a stunning focal point. The fireplace runs on water, humidifying the air without any foreign smell.

Sophisticated Furnishings and Finishes

We chose a transforming sofa in light leather. Its back and armrests adjust to different angles. The apartment features glossy hidden doors with bronze-colored ends. The bedroom includes soft wall panels trimmed with bouclé fabric and brass inserts.

Elegant Spa Area

Opposite the entrance, the spa area includes a shower, whirlpool tub, and sauna. We also included a cabinet for the washer and dryer with an extractor hood.

Photography by Evgenii Kulibaba

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- by Matt Watts