MC Penthouse by LAD

MC Penthouse is a modern penthouse apartment located in Rome, Italy, designed by LAD.

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About MC Penthouse

Elegant Transformation of Rome’s MC Penthouse

Located in Rome’s elite “Parioli” district, the MC Penthouse occupies the top two levels of a 1950s building. Its unique external structure gives the living area and roofs a special polygonal shape.

A Modern Redesign with a Twist

Our mission was to renovate the apartment and terraces, adding a new lift and changing the layout. We highlighted the original polygonal shape, revealing its charm. This approach differed from the usual practice of concealing elements like installations and technology.

A central feature is the two-sided steel fireplace, linking the living and dining areas. This central piece promotes a visual flow while providing warmth.

Sleek Interiors and Chic Outdoor Spaces

Corridors are lined with white wood panels, cleverly hiding bedroom doors. The top terrace, with teak and travertine, includes a whirlpool tub, a custom curtain, and a pergola. Modern aluminum planters line the parapet, adding a contemporary edge.

The air conditioning is seamlessly integrated into the ceiling. The master bathroom boasts Fantini Fukasawa taps and stylish radiators from Tubes and Ad Hoc. The custom kitchen and sofa, along with an Ethimo outdoor table, enhance the space. Art by Francesca Matarazzo di Licosa adds a final touch of elegance.

Photography courtesy of LAD

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- by Matt Watts