A Jewel in Constraints: Transforming the Simple Apartment in a Luxury Tower

In Tel Aviv, EINKO & Argi studio transformed a compact apartment into A Jewel in Constraints, a modern marvel that blends contemporary aesthetics with European-inspired minimalism. Thoughtful design and clever use of space turn limitations into opportunities, creating a captivating, luxurious atmosphere.

Minimalist living room with white curtains, wooden coffee table, and neutral furnishings.
Minimalist living room with floor-to-ceiling curtains, wooden coffee table, and floral vase.
A minimalist dining area with a wooden table, chairs, and a pendant light fixture. The room features clean lines and a calming, neutral palette.
A modern kitchen with sleek wood-grain cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and ample counter space.
A cozy interior with a tall potted plant, ceramic vases, and books on a minimalist table.
Minimalist shelving unit with various decorative objects and vase in a neutral-toned interior.
A minimalist bedroom with clean lines, beige tones, and a floor-to-ceiling window providing ample natural light.
Contemporary bathroom with a minimalist, sleek design featuring a large mirror, floating marble vanity, and black fixtures.
Modern minimalist bathroom with sleek vanity, glass shelves, and black fixtures.
Minimalist bathroom design with black fixtures, built-in niche, and a flower decor.

About A Jewel in Constraints

In the heart of a towering metropolis, an ordinary apartment defied expectations. It wasn’t grand but showed the power of thoughtful design. EINKO & Argi studio’s innovative approach turned constraints into opportunities.

Transforming a Compact Space

This unassuming residence, named “The Simple Apartment,” sits in a sleek luxury tower in Tel Aviv, Israel. Inside, visitors find a space where limitations become opportunities. Every detail erases the confines of its compact white box. Despite the small size, the design creates an open, airy feel.

Innovative Design Solutions

The challenge was clear: a small space with standard ceilings and pre-defined developers. However, the vision was to create a captivating atmosphere. The design blends contemporary aesthetics with warm, European-inspired minimalism. This fusion results in a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance that feels expansive.

Artistic Walls and Clever Space Use

Round desert plaster walls soften the room’s edges, transforming boundaries into art. The gentle curvature adds a sense of fluidity and movement. A planter separates the living and sleeping areas, enhancing privacy without compromising openness. Lush greenery spills over, creating a natural boundary that feels both functional and decorative.

A Spa-Like Bathroom

The bathroom expanded at the kitchen’s expense, offering a mini spa experience. Intricately patterned tiles by LAMINAM create a clean and luxurious feeling. A porcelain stoneware sink with a travertine finish and black accents completes the hotel-like appearance. The bathroom’s design transforms a functional space into a relaxing retreat.

Crafting an Ambiance

The design team turned each corner into a piece of art. Custom-made furniture and natural light create a visually stunning and emotionally resonant ambiance. Clever storage solutions maximize space, ensuring the apartment remains uncluttered. The “Simple Apartment” proves that creativity flourishes within constraints. Luxury isn’t about square footage but thoughtful design and curated experiences. Each design decision tells a tale, lingering in the hearts of those who dwell within. EINKO & Argi studio successfully demonstrates how small spaces can offer grand experiences.

Photography by Tal Brushel

- by Matt Watts