Riviera House: Modern Elegance in Lviv

In Lviv, Ukraine, the Riviera house by Koshulynskyy & Mayer captures the essence of modern luxury. Designed in 2021, it blends diverse styles and cultural elements with natural textures, reflecting the personality of its trend-savvy owners.

Elegant living room with marble accents, plush sofa, and a striking crystal chandelier.
Luxurious modern interior with minimalist design, marble flooring, and sleek furniture.
Sleek, modern kitchen with orange bar stools, marble accents, and open living space.
A modern, minimalist interior with sleek wooden stairs, glass panels, and a bold orange sculpture.
Modern bedroom with contrasting geometric wall patterns, sleek lighting, and twin beds.
Stylish living room with patterned accent wall, modern TV console, and plush textiles.
Elegant bedroom with luxurious furnishings, modern lighting, and textured wall paneling.
Contemporary living space with white wall paneling, built-in media console, and wood-accented curtains.
Luxurious bathroom with ornate marble walls, vanity, and round mirror in golden frame.
Luxurious bathroom with sleek black cabinetry, marble walls, and a freestanding bathtub.

About Riviera House

Designed by Koshulynskyy & Mayer in 2021, the Riviera house in Lviv, Ukraine, epitomizes modern luxury. Owned by a young family keen on art and fashion trends, this home reflects their sophisticated taste.

Entrance and Living Spaces

Upon entering, the Riviera house greets you with a spacious, high-ceilinged living area. Elegant marble accents and plush furnishings set a tone of understated opulence. The open-plan layout seamlessly connects the living room to a sleek kitchen, featuring bold, red seating that adds a pop of color.

Luxurious Bathrooms

The bathrooms in the Riviera house exude luxury with floor-to-ceiling marble walls and modern fixtures. A standalone tub under large windows invites relaxation, while sleek sinks and ample storage blend style and function.

Stylish Bedrooms

The master bedroom offers a serene retreat with warm wood accents and a plush bed. Soft, neutral tones create a calming atmosphere. The children’s room is vibrant and playful, featuring fun wall designs and cozy twin beds, perfect for young explorers.

Unique Design Elements

Throughout the house, unique design elements reflect various styles and cultures. The careful blend of colors, textures, and design techniques showcases the designers’ expertise in creating personalized, luxurious spaces.

Photography by Andriy Bezuglov

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- by Matt Watts