Design Apartment Utrecht: Lexi Beckord’s Apartment Transformation

Design Apartment Utrecht is a captivating apartment in Utrecht, Netherlands, showcasing the exceptional design vision of Lexi Beckord Interior Design. Transforming a traditional space into a cozy and functional haven, the team leveraged strategic storage solutions and a harmonious blend of modern and classic elements to create a truly remarkable living environment. Highlighting the apartment’s prime location in the heart of the historic city, this project exemplifies Beckord’s talent for crafting tailored, livable interiors that seamlessly merge form and function.

Modern living room with green sofa, round window, and abstract wall sconce.
Modern living room with green sofa, round mirror, and wooden shelving unit.
Minimalist kitchen with circular wooden table, white sofas, and abstract artwork.
A cozy bedroom with a slanted ceiling, wooden furniture, and a white vase with greenery.
Minimalist bedroom with wood-paneled walls, white bedding, and a marble-topped side table.
Cozy bedroom with white bedding, black sconces, and a warm, textured ceiling.
Sleek, minimalist bathroom design with wooden vanity, recessed lighting, and angled walls.
A modern, minimalist bathroom vanity with a wooden cabinet and a polished metal faucet.

About Design Apartment Utrecht

In the heart of the historic Dutch city of Utrecht, a stunning design apartment has emerged, blending modern sensibilities with warm, inviting touches. This 2024 project, spearheaded by renowned interior designer Lexi Beckord, transforms a once-ordinary living space into a harmonious oasis of sophisticated style.

A Seamless Transition from Exterior to Interior

Stepping into the apartment, one is immediately struck by the cohesive design language that permeates every corner. The clean, white-washed exterior gives way to a light-filled interior, where natural wood tones and textural accents create a serene and inviting ambiance.

A Cozy, Elegant Living Room

The living room exemplifies the project’s deft balance of modern and traditional elements. A plush, olive-green sofa anchors the space, complemented by a sculptural, circular coffee table and sleek, angular lighting fixtures. Vibrant artwork and a rounded, white pendant light add visual interest, while the pale wood floors and sheer curtains maintain a sense of airy lightness.

A Culinary Oasis in the Kitchen

The kitchen seamlessly blends form and function, with a striking combination of warm wood cabinetry and a contrasting, marble-topped island. Minimalist black fixtures and a large, arched window bathe the space in natural light, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere for culinary exploration.

Serene Sanctuary in the Bedroom

The bedroom exudes a cozy, refined ambiance, with a plush, white upholstered bed frame and crisp linens. Subtle textural elements, such as the woven pendant light and the wooden nightstands, lend depth and visual interest to the space. Strategically placed, black sconces provide both task and ambient lighting, while the arched window and shiplap-clad walls maintain the apartment’s cohesive design aesthetic.

Spa-Inspired Luxury in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a true oasis of relaxation, with a striking combination of materials and textures. A wooden vanity with a sleek vessel sink anchors the space, while a large, white tile wall and a freestanding, modern tub create a serene and spa-like atmosphere. Subtle touches, such as the rounded mirror and the minimalist black fixtures, lend a cohesive and visually compelling appeal to the room.

A Harmonious Blend of Old and New

Throughout the apartment, Lexi Beckord’s design approach seamlessly blends the old and the new, creating a warm, inviting, and thoroughly modern living space. By artfully balancing natural materials, clean lines, and carefully curated details, this design apartment in Utrecht stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful, sophisticated interior design.

Photography by Michiel Bosman
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- by Matt Watts