Exotic Harmony: Barcelona Apartment Blends Natural Stone & Oak

In Barcelona, Spain, Miriam Barrio Studio has crafted an exceptional apartment design that harmoniously blends materials and creates a captivating atmosphere. The Exotic Harmony project effortlessly combines soft beige microcement, dark oak wood, and natural Vancouver granite stone, resulting in a visually striking and inviting living space.

Minimalist living room with exposed ceiling beams, white sofa, and wooden coffee table.
Minimalist living space with wooden coffee table, white sofa, and framed artwork.
Minimalist living space with wooden panels, textured ceiling, and marble countertops.
Sleek, minimalist dining area with marble-top table, black chairs, and wooden cabinetry.
Cozy bedroom with wooden beams, minimalist decor, and framed artwork on walls.
Serene bedroom with textured ceiling, minimalist furnishings, and sliding wood panels.
A minimalist bathroom with a white vanity, wooden accents, and a stark, neutral color palette.
Sleek modern bathroom with minimalist vanity, oval mirror, and recessed lighting.
Serene urban rooftop patio with lush greenery, wooden furnishings, and modern architectural backdrop.

About Exotic Harmony

Stepping into the sun-dappled oasis of this Barcelona apartment, designed by Miriam Barrio Studio in 2022, is akin to entering a serene sanctuary. The harmonious interplay of materials – soft beige microcement, dark oak wood, and the earthy allure of natural Vancouver granite stone – creates an atmosphere that is both inviting and visually captivating.

Seamless Transition from Exterior to Interior

Framed by lush greenery and a wooden deck, the exterior sets the stage for the elegant simplicity that lies within. As we cross the threshold, the microcement flooring and walls immediately convey a sense of refined minimalism, while the warm embrace of the dark wood cabinetry and furniture infuses the space with a contemporary and unified ambiance.

Harmonious Interplay of Materials

The kitchen island, crafted from the striking natural Vancouver stone, commands attention and adds an exotic touch to the space. The sculptural form of the island not only serves as a functional centerpiece but also elevates the design with its striking visual presence.

Serene Sanctuary: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

In the bedrooms, the dark wood and beige linen cabinets evoke a sense of understated elegance and harmonious functionality. The integration of these materials creates a serene equilibrium, allowing the occupants to find respite and recharge.

Stepping into the bathroom, the interplay of materials continues to impress. The oval mirror and minimalist fixtures are complemented by the dark wood cabinetry, while the microcement walls and floor maintain the overall cohesive aesthetic.

A Harmonious Oasis in the Heart of Barcelona

Throughout the apartment, the thoughtful selection and combination of materials seamlessly blend together, resulting in a harmonious and visually captivating space. Miriam Barrio Studio has masterfully crafted an oasis of contemporary elegance and exotic charm within the heart of Barcelona, where the residents can truly experience the beauty of Exotic Harmony.

Photography by Elton Rocha
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- by Matt Watts