San Francisco Residence: Eclectic Design Embracing Bay Area Charm

This cherished 1907 San Francisco residence has undergone a remarkable rejuvenation by SkB Architects, embracing its historical charm and infusing it with a California-inspired ambiance. The home’s iconic wooden tile facade, once a quintessential Bay Area design, has been thoughtfully preserved, while the interiors have been transformed to create a versatile and personalized living experience.

Elegant outdoor patio with stone arches, lush greenery, and plush seating.
Rustic wood-paneled room with sectional sofas, pendant lighting, and lush potted plants.
Rustic yet modern interior with wooden beams, natural lighting, and stylish furniture.
Rustic kitchen with wood-paneled walls, pendant lighting, and a large wooden dining table.
Cozy living room with plush seating, large windows, and a striking black-and-white artwork.
Spacious, modern living area with wooden beamed ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows, and lush greenery outside.
Spacious, light-filled interior with wooden ceiling beams, plush seating, and abundant greenery.
Cozy dining room with large windows, modern furniture, and potted plants.
A spacious dining room with a large wooden table, modern pendant lights, and lush plants.
An elegant bar area with a striking tiled backsplash, wooden stools, and intriguing decor elements.
Rustic wooden bedroom with minimalist decor and framed artwork on the wall.
Cozy master bedroom with large windows, balcony, and modern furnishings.
Spacious bedroom with modern wooden furnishings, large windows, and a canopy bed.
Vibrant outdoor patio with wooden decor, hanging lamps, and a cozy dining setup.
Sleek modern architecture with wooden accents, extensive outdoor living space, and lush landscaping.

About San Francisco Residence

Situated in the heart of San Francisco, this early 20th-century home underwent a remarkable rejuvenation. Initially, the dwelling boasted a charming facade adorned with brown wooden tiles, a quintessential feature in the Bay Area. Nowadays, this residence celebrates its historical roots while infusing it with a vibrant, contemporary flair.

Personalized Spaces: A Unique Homage to Global Inspirations

The homeowners envisioned each room as a distinct tribute to their cherished travel destinations. Consequently, every space within the 8,000-10,000 square-foot (743-929 square-meter) residence exudes a unique ambiance, seamlessly blending the essence of Bali, Thailand, and the chic vibe of a California bar. By designing on a more intimate scale, the architecture team at SkB Architects crafted a home that embraces versatility, adapting effortlessly to accommodate family gatherings and serve as a workspace.

Harmonious Integration of Old and New

Preserving the home’s original walls and windows, the design team focused on enhancing the exterior hardscaping and undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of the interior aesthetics. The result is a harmonious integration of old and new, where the California vibe intertwines with the client’s favorite getaways. From the warm wood tones to the subtly sun-kissed hues, the color palette crafts a captivating narrative that delights without overwhelming.

Honoring History with a Modern Twist

The design team at SkB Architects skillfully leveraged the home’s existing features, such as the limestone polished floor and the distinctive diamond-shaped divided light windows with leaded glass. These elements were thoughtfully accentuated, creating a seamless blend of old-world charm and modern sensibilities. The main house, with its sunny and refined finishes, contrasts with the more rustic and moody atmosphere of the cottage, resulting in a harmonious interplay of textures and styles.

A Sanctuary of Versatility and Personality

Ultimately, this San Francisco residence emerges as a sanctuary that celebrates its historical roots while embracing a contemporary, versatile, and personalized approach to design. With its diverse terraces offering expansive views and the ability to effortlessly connect with the surrounding landscapes, this home truly encapsulates the essence of Bay Area living.

Photography by Andrew Giammarco
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- by Matt Watts