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Porta Venezia: An Eclectic Apartment in Milan, Italy

Porta Venezia: An Eclectic Apartment in Milan, Italy

Step into a vibrant and eclectic apartment in the heart of Milan. Porta Venezia, designed by Lupettatelier, offers a privileged perspective of the city skyline from its seventh floor.

The 205-square-meter apartment boasts large windows that illuminate the entire living area with a backdrop of ever-changing Milan. The walls and fixed furnishings feature muted tones while bursts of yellows and reds lend vibrancy to the space. Explore the apartment’s history and family living there through the carefully placed objects and privileged study given to the bathrooms.

Apartment Boulevard F: Eclectic Penthouse in Kyiv

FeaturedApartment Boulevard F: Eclectic Penthouse in Kyiv

Located in the central part of Kyiv, Ukraine, the penthouse Apartment Boulevard F is an eclectic masterpiece designed by Oksana Dolgopiatova in 2021.

This two-story apartment is a combination of classic French villa and Berlin minimalism, industrial style, and modern art pieces. The main design challenge was to make the space comfortable and functional while incorporating the individual personalities of the clients, a couple with two children. The main ingredients of the eclectic cocktail are classical quotes, industrial style, some minimalistic and postmodern elements, and juicy accents like modern art pieces.

Aticool – Flat: An Electric oasis in Barcelona

Aticool – Flat: An Electric oasis in Barcelona

ATICOOL – Flat is an attic apartment located in Barcelona, Spain. It was designed by Insayn Design Society in 2021.

It is a cool and modern living space that combines simplicity and elegance with an electric atmosphere. It features an amazing terrace with a concrete BBQ, solar shower and exterior living area. Every piece of furniture was carefully chosen to create a unique and cozy atmosphere. Come explore ATICOOL – Flat and electrify your way inside!

The Beauty in the Details: A Modern Eclectic Home in Israel

FeaturedThe Beauty in the Details: A Modern Eclectic Home in Israel

Nestled in the picturesque Sharon region of Israel, The Beauty in the Details is a 1980s property that was recently fully renovated by interior designer Karen Maimon. Combining modern design with eclectic furniture and accessories, this unique home is brimming with soul and character. From a spacious garden to cozy living spaces, this house has it all and is sure to please even the most discerning of tastes.

Ramat Hasharon Apartment: A Masterclass in Eclectic Design

FeaturedRamat Hasharon Apartment: A Masterclass in Eclectic Design

Experience perfect harmony in Lilian Ben Shoham’s eclectic design for the Ramat Hasharon Apartment.

This renovated 4-room apartment in Ramat Hasharon, Israel is a collection of different styles – modern, classic, industrial, warm, and rustic – that come together in astonishing harmony. The designer expanded the kitchen, created more storage space, and used a color palette of white, black, wood, and mocha in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Traditional Eclectic House by Vemworks Architects

Traditional Eclectic House by Vemworks Architects

This traditional eclectic house, located in Turin, Italy, is the embodiment of luxury and non-replicability. Vemworks Architects has fused classic styles with contemporary art to create a unique vision of luxury, and has expertly blended elements of design, craftsmanship and custom-made pieces to create a space that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Located in the historically rich city of Turin, this house is an exquisite example of the Vemworks Architects’ design trait, creating a poetic and classic atmosphere that is truly luxurious.

Spirit of Jaffa by Keren Niv Toledano

Spirit of Jaffa by Keren Niv Toledano

Inspired by the unique art and culture of Jaffa, Israel, the Spirit of Jaffa is an amazing holiday apartment designed by interior designer Keren Niv Toledano in 2022.

Located in the Andromeda Reborn project, the apartment overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is a perfect blend of modern and eclectic design.

From the impressive public space to the intimate balcony, the holiday apartment is decked with impressive furniture and accessories in a stunning scale of colors that reflect the area’s unique culture and art.

YBN9 Apartment by Studio ETN

FeaturedYBN9 Apartment by Studio ETN

Welcome to YBN9 Apartment, a modern garden home located in Israel that was designed by Studio ETN in 2022.

Situated in a neighborhood with a rich cultural history that is over 100 years old, YBN9 Apartment is a 70 square meter (753 square feet) space that was redesigned to maximize its natural light and make the best use of the space. With a concept inspired by the “Swedish cottage in Japan”, the apartment features a minimalist storage library, an open concept kitchen, and a private master suite with a room for a future child.