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Interlace House: Where Design Innovates

Modern two-story house with cantilevered upper floor and lawn.

Discover the Interlace House in Puembo Valley, Ecuador—a contemporary masterpiece by TEC Taller EC that perfectly aligns with the breathtaking views of the Andes. This two-story house showcases innovative design amidst mountainous tranquility, featuring three distinct, overlapping volumes.

From a sunlit underground garage to private spaces facing the majestic Andes, experience how light, space, and nature intertwine in this exceptional home.

Casa Umbral: A Tropical Oasis by Najas Arquitectos

FeaturedCasa Umbral: A Tropical Oasis by Najas Arquitectos

Casa Umbral stands as a testament to contemporary tropical living, crafted by the renowned Najas Arquitectos in Samborondón, Ecuador.

Perfect for a young family, this two-story house occupies a 20m (66ft) wide by 40m (131ft) deep lot facing an idyllic artificial lagoon. The architectural design innovatively splits the living space into two volumes, framing a lush central garden that introduces natural light and air throughout the home. Transparent social areas seamlessly merge with the outdoor environment, including a kitchen, BBQ area, and pool. Above, bridges connect living spaces, offering views of the central garden and embodying modern elegance in a tropical setting.

ME House: Crafting Future-Ready Spaces in Ecuador

FeaturedME House: Crafting Future-Ready Spaces in Ecuador

Step into the world of ME House, a contemporary architectural wonder by Najas Arquitectos, located in the tranquil Puembo area near Quito, Ecuador. Perfectly crafted for a family of four, this residence is a testament to modern living, seamlessly blending with its golf club surroundings.

The design focuses on adaptability, featuring a ground-floor layout that elegantly transitions into a verdant garden. Highlights include a future-ready elevator space and breathtaking views of the golf course, embodying the home’s innovative spirit and its profound bond with nature.

Split House: A Three-Level Haven of Light and Space

Split House: A Three-Level Haven of Light and Space

Explore the Split House, designed by Najas Arquitectos in the scenic Tumbaco Valley, Quito. This 2023 contemporary home, perfect for a family of five, uniquely separates living and private areas across three levels. Its central skylight illuminates the interior, creating a warm, ever-changing ambiance. With a thoughtful blend of reinforced concrete, metal, and glass, the Split House offers panoramic views and a seamless indoor-outdoor connection, epitomizing modern, nature-integrated living.

Magnolia House: A Revolutionary Architectural Vision by Caá Porá Arquitectura

Magnolia House: A Revolutionary Architectural Vision by Caá Porá Arquitectura

Immerse yourself in the transformative vision of Caá Porá Arquitectura with the Magnolia House, nestled in the lush suburbia of Puembo, Ecuador. This remarkable single-story house breaks the norms of conventional architecture, evolving into a living entity that understands and adapts to family dynamics.

Radiating a profound interaction with its natural environment, the house boasts 350m2 (approximately 3,767 square feet) of space cleverly partitioned into five independent volumes. With an architecture that embraces the subtle play of light, privacy, and seamless outdoor connectivity, the Magnolia House effortlessly embodies modern family needs, offering an engaging blend of personal and shared spaces.

Paralelogramo House: Where Luxury Meets Nature in the Heart of Quito

Paralelogramo House: Where Luxury Meets Nature in the Heart of Quito

Experience the splendid harmony of design and nature at Paralelogramo House, a contemporary residence nestled in the scenic Cumbayá Valley in Quito, Ecuador. Designed by the acclaimed Najas Arquitectos, this two-story house uniquely employs two parallelogram volumes to maximize the awe-inspiring views of the picturesque landscape and create a seamless integration with its verdant private gardens.

Known for its unique city-meets-nature vibe, Quito is the perfect canvas for this intriguing, yet elegantly straightforward design that eloquently fuses the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Alambique House by Najas Arquitectos

Alambique House by Najas Arquitectos

Explore the stunning two-story Alambique House, designed by Najas Arquitectos and located in Quito, Ecuador – known for its abundance of natural beauty. Constructed in 2020, this contemporary property is nestled between the Chiche and Guambí rivers, and boasts a unique 70% single floor architectural program.

With internal gardens, outdoor decks and pools, plus a parking garage, this house offers a variety of activities while providing a stunning view of the ravine. The three volumetric elements are connected by a stair volume that is carefully designed to blend in harmoniously with the surrounding environment, while preserving the local trees. Inside the house, the reinforced concrete walls, teak wood, and open glassing create a rich and timeless atmosphere.