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Cats’ Pink House by KC Design Studio

FeaturedCats’ Pink House by KC Design Studio

Welcome to Cats’ Pink House, a three-story seafront sanctuary nestled in the heart of Taiwan. Designed by the acclaimed KC Design Studio, this unique property is a true labor of love, filled with soft shades of pink and natural materials, creating an eclectic, serene environment. Known for its seamless fusion of human and pet-friendly designs, Cats’ Pink House is a testament to bespoke elegance and whimsical creativity.

Beyond the pink-hued walls and ceiling, the property showcases an intriguing balance of functionality and aesthetics. The first and second floors, respectively, serve as public and private spaces. The third floor, however, stands out with its minimalist design, and a rooftop that opens to breathtaking sea views and rotating wind turbines – a symbolic representation of Taiwan’s transition towards green energy. This multi-functional home is an architectural masterpiece that does more than just house the owner and her beloved cats – it’s a warm, welcoming space that’s in harmony with the elements and pays homage to Taiwan’s unique attributes.

Residence Wang by KC Design Studio

Residence Wang by KC Design Studio

Step into Residence Wang: a bold and unique fusion of industrial and eclectic aesthetics, meticulously designed by KC Design Studio in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. This captivating apartment is nestled in the picturesque Xindian District, a region beloved by the owners for its soulful connection to the Xindian River. Spanning nearly 125 square meters (approx. 1345 square feet) with a ceiling height of three meters (approx. 9.8 feet), the design strategy employs a concept of “deconstruction,” skillfully overcoming architectural challenges and redefining the potential of urban living.

This innovative home celebrates contrasting styles loved by the owners: modern elements chosen by the man, and natural components favored by the woman. Every detail, from the ceiling arc to the choice of wall and floor materials, works cohesively to maintain each element’s independence while achieving a harmonious spatial integration. Experience the compelling interplay of eclectic style and industrial form within this Taiwan-based marvel, Residence Wang.