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311 Third Transformation: Historic Building Re-Envisioned

Brick building with large glass windows surrounded by trees in autumn foliage.

Discover the 311 Third Transformation in San Antonio, Texas, an office space redesigned by Lake|Flato Architects in 2023. It embodies sustainability and community focus, preserving historic architecture while integrating nature through a rejuvenated outdoor courtyard. This workspace not only caters to contemporary needs with its diverse spaces but also moves forward with significant green initiatives, including pursuing Zero Carbon and WELL certifications.

Bridge House: A Testament to Green Living in Houston

FeaturedBridge House: A Testament to Green Living in Houston

Unveiling the Bridge House, a stunning primary residence nestled in Houston, Texas, a city famed for its rich natural landscapes. Masterfully designed by Lake|Flato Architects in 2020, this contemporary structure marvelously marries urban living with an intimate connection to nature.

Encapsulating the homeowners’ lofty ideals, the design pays homage to the surrounding wooded site and private ravine that feeds into the greater Buffalo Bayou. With its commitment to sustainability and resource preservation, Bridge House stands as a paragon of modern design ethos and environmental consciousness.

House Zero by Lake|Flato Architects

FeaturedHouse Zero by Lake|Flato Architects

Situated in Austin, Texas, House Zero is the first project of ICON’s Exploration Series, a series of homes designed with world-class architects that explore the creative possibilities of large-scale 3D printing. This single-family house, designed by the award-winning firm, Lake|Flato Architects, is 2,000+ sq-ft (185.8 sq-m) and features a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home and a 350 sq-ft (32.5 sq-m), 1 bedroom/1 bath accessory dwelling unit.

Boasting a unique 3d printed wall system, House Zero is an energy efficient, climate-responsive structure that provides both flexibility and permanence, perfect for families looking to settle down in one of America’s most beloved cities.

Aegean Pool House by Lake|Flato Architects

Aegean Pool House by Lake|Flato Architects

Step into the mesmerizing realm of Aegean Pool House, a contemporary pool house situated in the heart of East Texas, designed by the acclaimed Lake|Flato Architects.

This masterpiece of modern design is elegantly nestled among the verdant surroundings of Mineola, a region renowned for its scenic beauty and abundance of lush pine forests. The Aegean Pool House showcases an impressive 80-foot long pool, designed to complement the serene lakeside slope and the expansive forest views. Uniquely tailored to its environment, the design thoughtfully incorporates regional materials, like exterior pine siding and rip rap-filled basins, reflecting the natural palette of East Texas. Inside, the cozy, light-filled spaces are connected by sweeping sliding glass doors, creating an inviting retreat that seamlessly blends the indoors with the stunning outdoors.