Aegean Pool House by Lake|Flato Architects

Located in East Texas, Aegean Pool House is sited on a hilltop overlooking a peaceful lake, surrounded by a densely shaded pine forest. This home is designed as an escape from urban life and emphasizes strong connections to nature and a sense of place.


A key design feature was to encourage engagement with the outdoors by creating outdoor program elements, specifically the primary living spaces including dining and kitchen. An 80-foot long pool and spa run beyond the building along the north edge, as the site slopes down to the lake. The interior spaces are compact but feature large pocketing sliding glass doors on opposite sides of each room to provide generous views to the surrounding forest and lake, and promote cross-ventilation from prevailing breezes from the southeast. Materials are inspired by the region: the exterior pine siding references the color of nearby pine tree bark, and rip rap-filled basins highlight the iron ore present on the site. The pine siding continues indoors, creating a cozy light-filled cabin interior. Concrete floors connect the interior with exterior, and extend out as a platform for the long swimming pool.

Photography Casey Dunn

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- by Matt Watts

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