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Project 58: A Barefoot Luxury Experience in Bengaluru

FeaturedProject 58: A Barefoot Luxury Experience in Bengaluru

Introducing Project 58 – a two-story house located in Bengaluru, India, designed by The Purple Ink Studio in 2022.

The house reflects a blend of contexts coming together and is designed as an immersive experience for one to reflect upon and enjoy the spontaneity of the surrounding environment. The material design palette reflects the client’s appreciation for natural materials and narrative art pieces. With fixed elements of Indian origin and movable furniture sourced from all over the globe, the house is layered in an interesting manner with all the design elements. The house has several entertainment zones, including a family cum theatre space planned at the Terrace level.

Greentown’s Idyll Moment Farm: Blending Local Traditions with Modern Design

Greentown’s Idyll Moment Farm: Blending Local Traditions with Modern Design

Greentown’s Idyll Moment Farm, designed by More Design Office, is an idyllic residence located in Chengdu, China.

Surrounded by pastoral landscapes of fertile fields and dense forests, this modern traditional building blends local cultural identities and natural materials to create a tranquil and pure space. Visitors can sprawl at ease across the sofa and feel how the seasons turn, or take part in leisure activities such as mahjong and tea-serving in a set of cups. With its casual touch of holidaying every day, Greentown’s Idyll Moment Farm is a perfect place to connect to the part of who you are.

Casa Lorena: Combining Traditional & Modern Elements

Casa Lorena: Combining Traditional & Modern Elements

Welcome to Casa Lorena, an exquisite house located in the historic downtown of Mérida, Mexico. It has been designed by Workshop: Diseño y Construcción in 2021, combining traditional and modern elements.

The house was once a large property from the beginning of the 20th century, however, it was divided several times and now consists of only 4.5 meters front. Yet, it’s still full of history and charm, with Decauville beams brought from France, white quartz central island, blue pasta tiles coverings, wooden roof structure with Marseille clay tiles, exposed stones and a small pool. Casa Lorena is a perfect oasis of tranquility surrounded by nature and pastel colors, inviting us to take a journey to a simpler time.

Step Inside the Mill House: A Creative Fusion of Past and Present

FeaturedStep Inside the Mill House: A Creative Fusion of Past and Present

Introducing The Mill House, a stunning fusion of traditional and modern design located in the charming village of Attard, Malta. Designed by Valentino Architects in 2022, this house seamlessly connects a cluster of Grade I and II Listed buildings, including a mill room dating back to the mid-to-late 16th century.

The design centers around an outdoor courtyard that serves as a connecting agent, allowing the separate living spaces to communicate with each other and the sun-soaked hearth of the home. A glazed walkway serves as a reflective layer of contrast between old and new, forming a lustrous perimeter along two internal facades. The walkway’s opacity changes throughout the day, creating different effects and views of the surrounding village. On the ground level, the dining and living areas look out to the courtyard, while tall cabinets punctuate the space, resembling minimalist boulders that double as doorways to tangential rooms.

Chez Léa by Batiik Studio

Chez Léa by Batiik Studio

Chez Léa is a stunning apartment located in the heart of Paris, France. Designed by Batiik Studio in 2021, the residence is a beautiful example of Haussmann-style featuring a clever mix of strong contemporary pieces and furniture with vintage accents.

The bold color choices, such as the onyx of the worktops, the marbled resin of the floor, and the curved red wall of the kitchen, shake up the traditional Parisian interior and add a touch of modernity to this architectural gem.

Classic Meets Modern by Kiki Archi

Classic Meets Modern by Kiki Archi

Kiki ARCHi has crafted a stunning single-family house in Beijing, China, that combines traditional and contemporary elements. The project, named Classic Meets Modern, features the owner’s collection of Golden Nanmu (Phoebe zhennan) wood furniture, which is a popular architectural and furniture material for the imperial family in Ming and Qing dynasties, and was used in the famous Forbidden City.

With the help of the designer’s expertise, the house has been replanned and adjusted to incorporate the owner’s collection into a modern-style home that perfectly balances space and display design. The three colors of black, white, and gray are used in large quantities, corresponding to the scenes of ‘traditional’, ‘modern’, and ‘transition’ respectively. Visitors to the house can experience a sense of ritual and inclusiveness while being surrounded by the beauty of Beijing.

Querbes Residence by Vives St-Laurent

Querbes Residence by Vives St-Laurent

Located in the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada, the Querbes Residence is a stunning home designed by Vives St-Laurent.

This modern traditional-style property has been completely remodeled from its turn-of-the 20th-century origins, including the restoration of its American walnut flooring and the addition of a large sliding door. The residence also features a custom-designed kitchen with gray hues, a marble counter, and an inviting dining room with an American oak bookshelf. The basement includes a spacious living room, an office, a bedroom, and a full bathroom for more living space. With all these features, the Querbes Residence is sure to impress!

Alto by Jolson Architecture Interiors

FeaturedAlto by Jolson Architecture Interiors

Discover Alto, a stunning house in Melbourne, Australia designed in 2022 by Jolson Architecture Interiors.

Nestled in a heritage cul de sac, this house has been thoughtfully renovated to meet the needs of a modern family while retaining the features that bind it to its neighbors. Step inside to appreciate the double height void and the interplay between existing and new, the generous swathes of linen and the muted tones for a soft backdrop, the sculpted firewood tray and the brush of skin against a bush hammered bench.

Alto celebrates the nuance of architectural renovation and its harmonious blend of modern and traditional style.