Ultramodern Furniture by Cromatti

Cromatti is a collection of colorful ultramodern furniture, exclusively handmade in Los Angeles, California. The brand includes 11 unique home furnishing collections in an assortment of vivid, cubist inspired designs with hundreds of customizable options. We have over 100 bench and stool options, and more than 20 options for our metal and glass tables.

All the possibilities allow you to create unique furniture that represents a palette of self-expression to bring into your home. Every Cromatti piece is a true reflection of the personal spirit and vision of the creator.

Cromatti was created by Dan Maddox and Alan Rauta, who partnered together in 2012. Luxury cars and revolutionary artists were their inspirations to creating unconventional designer furnishings.

The Cromatti Collection

Massimo Bench – Pearl frame with fabric cushion in Flotilla color

Marciano Stools – Pearl frame with leather cushion in Ancor color
Alessio Table – Black frame with Frosted glass top

Luciano Table – Red frame with Grey glass top

Piazza Cushion – Fabric cushion in Passion color & fabric cushion in Flotilla color

Piccolo– Fabric cushion in brushed color

Vera Stool & Massimo Bench – Teal frame with fabric cushion in Brushed color

Luciano & Armavi – Blue frame with Frosted glass top

Croma Nesting Sets – Teal frame, Gold frame, & Red frame

Visit Cromatti’s website & social media: Cromatti, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter

- by Matt Watts