Ridge House by Marko Simcic and Brian Broster

Located on Pender Island in Canada, this contemporary 2,500 sq ft retreat was designed by Marko Simcic and Brian Broster.

Description by Marko Simcic and Brian Broster

Our response to this site and our client’s relationship to it was to imbue this 2,500 square foot retreat with a sense of floating over the ridge rather than being anchored to it. Having a strong relationship to both the north and south orientations characterized by openness and distance together with steep grades, this site presented a fulcrum from which the roof emerged as the project’s organizing feature.

The large folding roof form became the primary enclosure of space—it orients, focuses and extends the experiences; the outdoor cantilevers protect from rain, wind and summer sun while capturing reflected light from the ocean; the ceiling reflects installed lighting and modulates acoustics providing conditions for the client’s musical performances; and run-off is directed to a north collection/reflecting pool.

Beyond this, the roof met the site and clients with an aesthetic companion—as both a geological and musical metaphor.

Photography courtesy of Marko Simcic, Brian Broster, Sotheby’s

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- by Matt Watts

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