Apartment in S. Bento by Margarida Matias

Located in Lisbon, Portugal, this beautiful apartment was completely redesigned by Margarida Matias of Arkstudio.

Description by Margarida Matias

S. Bento Renovation and Interior Design project is a colaboration between Arkstudio and AYH.pt.

Many old houses in Lisbon have inside rooms with no natural ligth or air circulation. This project aims to improve the inner quality of the space by opening a whole in a wall of a interior room, without windows, and transform it in a open kitchen facing the livingroom inside the apartement.

The prevoius kitchen becomes the master bedrrom, the ideia is to give natural ligth taking avantage of the mooring sun and to have natural air circulation inside the sleeping room.

Photography by Rodrigo Cardoso

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- by Matt Watts

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