Magic Cabinet by Mayan Gabay and Jasmine Bachinsky

Designed by Mayan Gabay and Jasmine Bachinsky, this modern two-storey apartment is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Description by Mayan Gabay

The design team included Mayan Gabay, Jasmine Bachinsky and Amir Navon. 2 floors, 120 sq. meters with great green view. We created an 11 meter long cabinet that connected between the entrance area, kitchen and living room all in one. It solved all the problems including: storage, hidden AC, staircase guardrail and media storage and left a clean and quiet look. This unique, one-of-a-kind furnishing was our guideline throughout the whole process. We choosed black, concrete and oak wood palette.

Photography by Gidon Levin

- by Matt Watts