Apartment Barca by KS Architects

Designed in 2016 by Kristina Saakyan of KS Architects, Apartment Barca is a contemporary home located in Moscow, Russia.

Cozy living room with minimalist furniture, warm lighting, and patterned floor rug.
A modern, open-concept living space with natural wood accents, colorful tile, and pendant lighting.
Modern kitchen-dining area with wooden furniture, blue feature wall, and pendant lights.
Bright, modern open-plan space with wooden accents, designer lighting, and built-in appliances.
Cozy home office with natural wood accents, patterned floor tiles, and cityscape view.
Serene bedroom with calming blue walls, wooden furniture, and abstract artwork.
Minimalist bathroom design with concrete walls, wooden vanity, and decorative plant.
Luxurious bathroom with sleek wooden accents, floating vanity, and a modern tub.

About Apartment Barca

Designed by KS Architects in 2016, Apartment Barca showcases contemporary style in Moscow. This stunning apartment offers a perfect blend of comfort and style, meticulously crafted for modern living.

Spacious and Inviting Living Room

Upon entering Apartment Barca, you are greeted by an open-plan living room and kitchen. The space is bright and airy, thanks to large windows that let in natural light. The living area features a comfortable beige sofa adorned with cozy throws and pillows, complemented by a simple wooden coffee table. Pendant lights hang from the ceiling, adding a modern touch.

Functional and Stylish Kitchen

The kitchen area seamlessly blends with the living room. It boasts sleek white cabinets and wooden upper units, creating a clean and elegant look. The backsplash is a standout feature, with intricate blue and white tile patterns that add a splash of color and character to the space.

Cozy Bedroom Retreat

The bedroom offers a tranquil retreat with its soothing blue walls and dark curtains. The wooden bed frame and matching bedside tables add warmth to the room. Soft lighting from the wall-mounted lamps creates a relaxing ambiance, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Elegant Bathroom Design

The bathroom is a perfect example of contemporary elegance. Neutral tiles cover the walls and floors, while wooden accents provide a touch of warmth. The spacious bathtub and modern fixtures ensure a luxurious bathing experience. Thoughtful storage solutions keep the space organized and clutter-free.

Bright Home Office Space

A bright and functional home office is tucked away by large windows. This space is ideal for working from home, with a sleek desk and ample shelving. The vibrant tile flooring adds an artistic flair, making it an inspiring place to work.

Apartment Barca, with its contemporary design and thoughtful details, stands as a testament to modern living in Moscow. KS Architects have created a space that is not only stylish but also perfectly suited for everyday life.

Photography courtesy of KS Architects

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- by Matt Watts