Retreat in Sweden by Bjurfors Home

Designed in 2017 by Bjurfors Home, Retreat in Sweden is a cozy cottage situated in Stuga, Sweden.

Rustic interior with wooden beams, large windows, and a cozy seating arrangement.
Cozy cabin interior with stone fireplace, wood accents, and large windows overlooking snowy landscape.
Cozy living room with stone fireplace, rustic wooden decor, and nature-inspired artwork.
A rustic wooden dining table with black chairs, framed artwork, and natural accents create a modern, minimalist aesthetic.
Cozy living room with wooden window frames, sleek white sofa, and modern decor touches.
Rustic loft with wooden staircase, cozy living area, and stone fireplace accents.
Rustic wood headboard, minimalist bedside table, small potted plant, and cozy bedding.
Rustic log cabin exterior with wooden chairs on a covered porch, surrounded by nature.
A rustic log cabin with a covered patio, wicker furniture, and a stone floor.

About Retreat in Sweden

Designed in 2017 by Bjurfors Home, the Retreat in Sweden offers a harmonious blend of simplicity and comfort. Located in Stuga, this Scandinavian house showcases a seamless transition from the exterior’s rustic charm to the interior’s modern elegance.

Rustic Exterior Charm

The exterior of the Retreat in Sweden features a traditional Scandinavian aesthetic. The house is clad in natural wood, providing a warm and inviting facade. The spacious patio, adorned with wicker furniture, invites residents to enjoy the crisp Swedish air. Large windows and sliding doors ensure plenty of natural light while connecting the indoors with the stunning outdoor scenery.

Modern Scandinavian Interior

Stepping inside, the Retreat in Sweden impresses with its bright and airy ambiance. The living room boasts high ceilings and large windows, creating an open and light-filled space. A combination of modern furniture and natural elements, such as the wooden table and animal skin rug, enhances the room’s cozy yet stylish feel.

The dining area continues the theme with a striking live-edge wooden table surrounded by sleek black chairs. Minimalist decor and neutral tones dominate the space, allowing the natural beauty of the materials to shine.

Adjacent to the dining area, the kitchen features clean lines and practical design. Dark cabinetry contrasts with light countertops, while a playful wall-mounted fish adds a whimsical touch.

The bedroom offers a serene retreat with a simple yet comfortable design. A wooden headboard complements the light-colored bedding, creating a peaceful atmosphere perfect for rest.

Upstairs, the loft space provides a cozy nook for additional seating or a guest bed. The use of natural wood continues, maintaining a consistent design language throughout the home.

Finally, the stone fireplace in the living area serves as a focal point, blending rustic and modern elements. Natural wood accents and minimalist decor ensure the space remains warm and inviting.

Bjurfors Home’s design for the Retreat in Sweden masterfully balances rustic charm with modern Scandinavian aesthetics, making it an ideal escape in the heart of nature.

Photography by SE360

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- by Matt Watts