Cornelio Residence by Anders Lasater Architects

Designed in 2013 by Anders Lasater Architects, this modern two-story house is situated in San Clemente, California, United States.

Description by Anders Lasater Architects

Designed for a neurosurgeon, an attorney, and their family, the Cornelio house sits on a narrow corner lot enjoying views of the hills, the city, and the Pacific horizon beyond. Conceived as a collection of light and airy public spaces set above a base of private areas the house is at once protected from the street while remaining open to the views that surround it.

Grounded and transparent the house responds to its site and its surroundings while inwardly reflecting its owners tastes and sensibilities. The Cornelio house is made for this place and this time. You realize as the day ends and the living room softly reflects the sun’s hues of orange and red that here is the only place you need to be.

Photography by Chad Mellon

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- by Matt Watts

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