Cornelio Residence by Anders Lasater Architects

Designed in 2013 by Anders Lasater Architects, Cornelio Residence is a modern two-story house situated in San Clemente, California, United States.

Sleek, modern house with clean lines, large windows, and a garage door blend seamlessly.
Expansive, glass-walled living space with wood-paneled ceiling and sleek furniture.
This spacious living/dining area features a modern, open-plan design with wood-paneled ceilings, large windows, and sleek furniture.
Sleek, modern kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows providing panoramic ocean views.
A modern kitchen with an open layout, wooden cabinetry, and large windows overlooking the outdoors.
Well-designed staircase with wooden treads and concrete base, framed by glass walls providing natural light.
Cozy bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, built-in shelving, and modern furnishings.
Spacious bathroom with modern vanity, large mirror, and wooden accents complementing the bedroom.
Sleek, modern architecture with clean lines, wood accents, and open living space.
Modern concrete and wood exterior, lush native landscaping, and striking architectural features.
A striking modern home with clean lines, large windows, and a warm, inviting facade.

About Cornelio Residence

Welcome to the Cornelio Residence, a modern marvel situated in the heart of San Clemente, California. Designed in 2013 by Anders Lasater Architects, this two-story abode is crafted for a neurosurgeon, an attorney, and their family. With an emphasis on connection, the home’s design marries public and private spaces beautifully.

Exterior Elegance

The residence makes a striking statement at first glance. White walls contrast against the softening dusk, with warm lights hinting at the life within. The structure, a blend of bold lines and glass, stands proudly on a narrow corner lot. It offers picturesque views of the hills and the vast Pacific. Here, architecture responds to its environment, ensuring privacy while embracing the landscape.

Interior Intimacy

Step inside, and the narrative continues with a spacious living room that captures the setting sun. Large windows pull the outside in, creating a canvas of orange and red hues. Moving deeper into the heart of the home, the kitchen and dining area unfold as a social hub. The sleek countertops and warm wooden tones invite engagement and culinary creation.

Each room transitions smoothly to the next, maintaining a logical flow. The bedrooms, personal sanctuaries, present a minimalistic charm with ample natural light. Large glass doors open to private outdoor spaces, blurring the line between inside and out. In the bathrooms, simplicity reigns with clean lines, where function meets form in a dance of modernity.

A Modern Home for Modern Living

The Cornelio Residence is not just a house; it’s a response to its occupants’ lives. It provides a place of rest, work, and play, all while respecting the need for personal retreats. This is a home that’s both grounded in its purpose and transparent in its beauty, a true reflection of the family that lives within its walls.

In essence, the Cornelio Residence is not just built on its site; it belongs to it, and to the times we live in, making it the only place its residents need to be.

Photography by Chad Mellon

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- by Matt Watts