Apartment in Gothenburg by Stylingfabriken

Apartment in Gothenburg is a Scandinavian-style apartment designed in 2017 by Stylingfabriken, located in Frölunda, Gothenburg, Sweden.

A bright, modern apartment interior with minimalist furniture and decorative elements.
Modern, bright kitchen with sleek cabinets, large windows, and integrated appliances.
A spacious, minimalist hallway with wooden flooring, potted plants, and a simple decorative table.
Cozy bedroom with modern furnishings, large window, and nature-inspired decor elements.
A cozy home workspace with a minimalist desk, houseplant, and view of trees through the window.
Serene, minimalist bedroom with a cozy, inviting atmosphere and tasteful decor elements.
A crumpled brown paper bag and white balloons against a plain, white interior.
Cozy patio with rustic wicker chair, potted plants, and paper lanterns amid bare trees.

About Apartment in Gothenburg

Stepping into the Apartment in Gothenburg is a walk through modern Scandinavian design, curated by the skilled hands of Stylingfabriken. Located in the heart of Frölunda, this apartment stands as a testament to simplicity and function, merged seamlessly into a living space that feels both open and intimate.

Scandinavian Simplicity Meets Modern Elegance

As you enter, the living room welcomes you with a blend of minimalist furniture and clean lines, typical of the Scandinavian aesthetic. The sleek sofa, paired with the raw textures of the throw pillows, creates a space that’s both stylish and comfortable. A large, inviting window frames the outside world, letting in an abundance of natural light that dances on the polished wooden floors.

Adjacent to the living area, the dining space offers a natural continuation of the theme. The smooth white surface of the dining table stands out against the dark accents of the chairs, offering a perfect spot for gathering and enjoying a meal. The tall artwork leaning against the wall adds a touch of nature’s calm to the room, echoing the greenery visible through the windows.

A Bedroom Oasis

Transitioning to the bedrooms, the calming white palette continues. In one bedroom, a cascade of white balloons next to the bed adds a whimsical touch, while the intricate hanging light fixture casts soft shadows across the space. The natural wood elements and woven textures keep the room grounded and serene.

Another bedroom doubles as a study, showcasing the versatility of the space. A simple desk by the window provides a spot for reflection or work, while the bedding invites relaxation. Plants add a fresh burst of life, highlighting the connection between the indoors and the surrounding nature.

Natural Light in Shared Spaces

The kitchen and dining nook are a tribute to functionality and brightness. White cabinetry and countertops reflect the light, creating a sense of expansiveness. This room serves as the heart of the apartment, where design meets daily life, offering a spot for casual meals or morning coffee with a view of the serene outdoors.

From the curated selection of furnishings to the thoughtful integration of nature, the Apartment in Gothenburg by Stylingfabriken is a clear reflection of the design ethos of 2017. It stands not just as a living space, but as an expression of Scandinavian design at its most effective—where every element has its place, and beauty is found in the simplicity of living.

Photography by Bosse Melin

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- by Matt Watts