Lakefront Mid-Century Modern by Van Parys Architecture + Design

This lakefront mid-century modern residence located in Westlake Village, California, was designed in 2017 by Van Parys Architecture + Design.

Elegant living space with modern furniture, sleek stairs, and chevron-patterned floor tiles.
Striking geometric light fixture highlights modern, open-concept interior design.
Striking geometric wall pattern, plush white chair, and gold accents create a modern, chic look.
A modern, bright kitchen with white cabinetry, gray island, and gold accents on the fixtures.
Bright, modern open-concept kitchen and dining area with stylish lighting and furnishings.
Ornate bedframe with tufted headboard, patterned bedding, and a round mirror on a black dresser.
Minimalist bathroom with geometric tile patterns, freestanding tub, and shelving details.

About Lakefront Mid-Century Modern

Welcome to Lakefront Mid-Century Modern, a stunning house in Westlake Village, California. Designed in 2017 by Van Parys Architecture + Design, this residence stands as a tribute to mid-century style with a modern twist.

Exterior Elegance

The home greets visitors with a striking exterior that blends clean lines with natural materials. The sleek, horizontal architecture complements the Westlake environment, providing a seamless transition from nature to living space.

Living Room Luxury

Inside, the living room offers a spacious area for relaxation and social gatherings. Large windows frame the lake views, and the high ceiling accentuates the open-plan design. Furnishings in bold blacks and whites create a stark yet inviting contrast.

Chic Culinary Space

The kitchen shines with state-of-the-art appliances and a smart use of space. White cabinetry paired with a contrasting blue island forms a clean and functional aesthetic, while gold accents add a touch of sophistication.

Dining and Delight

Adjacent to the kitchen, the dining area continues the theme of bright and airy charm. A long table flanked by plush chairs invites family meals, and a modern bench adds an unexpected design element.

Tranquil Bath Retreat

The bathroom is a haven for rest, featuring a freestanding tub and a monochromatic tile design that exudes calm without the need for ornamentation.

Restful Retreat

In the bedroom, comfort meets style. A plush bed, accented with vivid yellow and patterned throws, anchors the room. The striking geometric backdrop gives the space a dynamic edge.

A Study in Style

The office space displays a creative use of patterns and textures, offering inspiration and focus. Shelving units present a blend of decorative items and books, marrying function with design.

Lakefront Mid-Century Modern is more than a house; it’s a carefully crafted experience that balances mid-century roots with contemporary living. Every corner tells a story of thoughtful design, set against the tranquil backdrop of Westlake Village.

Photography courtesy of Van Parys Architecture + Design

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- by Matt Watts