Home in Preston Hollow by Linda Fritschy Interior Design

Home in Preston Hollow is a contemporary residence located in Dallas, Texas, designed by Linda Fritschy Interior Design.

Bright, modern living room with a concrete fireplace, built-in cabinets, and large windows.
Contemporary living room with sleek furniture, fireplace, and large windows overlooking the outdoors.
Spacious, modern kitchen with sleek wood cabinetry and chic pendant lighting.
Sleek, modern kitchen with wood cabinetry, marble countertops, and pendant lighting.
Elegant modern dining space with large windows, patterned rug, and abstract artwork.
Sleek modern staircase, minimalist decor, and a whimsical sculptural piece in the entryway.
Sleek, modern living room with plush gray sofas, abstract artwork, and a cozy fireplace.
Minimalist bathroom vanity with wooden cabinets, stone sink, and pendant lighting.

About Home in Preston Hollow

Stepping into the Contemporary Craft of Home in Preston Hollow

The artistry of Linda Fritschy Interior Design comes to life in Dallas, Texas, with the contemporary house, Home in Preston Hollow. Designed for modern living, this house stands as a marker of sophistication and style.

Refined Living Spaces

Upon entering, one’s gaze is immediately drawn to the living room, where comfort meets chic. The space boasts clean lines and an array of textures, from the plush gray sofa to the shaggy rug, inviting relaxation. Strategic pops of color, through vibrant cushions, enliven the neutral palette.

Moving forward, the eye-catching fireplace acts as a focal point, framed by tall windows that offer a view of the outdoors. This seamless integration of interior warmth and exterior beauty characterizes the entire home.

Sleek Stairways to Artful Alleys

A floating staircase leads the way to the upper stories, balancing functionality with aesthetic grace. It opens up to a hallway, highlighted by a striking sculpture that bridges the gap between modern art and home decor.

Elegance in Utility

In the bathroom, simplicity reigns with sleek fixtures and a crisp, white countertop. The contrasting wooden cabinetry adds a touch of earthiness, aligning with the home’s contemporary theme.

The journey continues to the dining area, where natural light floods through large windows, creating an inviting space for gatherings. A dark, sturdy table anchors the room, complemented by soft-toned chairs and vibrant artwork.

Finally, the kitchen stands out with its state-of-the-art appliances and minimalist design. Here, form meets function as the space is crafted to cater to both the culinary enthusiast and the design-conscious homeowner.

Home in Preston Hollow stands proudly in Dallas, a reflection of Linda Fritschy’s vision, where every corner is a blend of comfort and modern design. Built to enchant without overwhelming, it exemplifies contemporary living at its best.

Photography courtesy of Linda Fritschy Interior Design

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- by Matt Watts