E2 Apartment by Tchenguelieva Staynov Architects

Situated in Sofia, Bulgaria, E2 Apartment is an inspiring home designed in 2011 by Tchenguelieva Staynov Architects.

Warm-toned wooden accent wall with built-in fireplace, modern sofa, and open kitchen layout.
A cozy living room with a large, built-in bookshelf that serves as a media center.
Well-organized shelving unit with diverse decor, featuring books, artwork, and a cozy chair.
Sleek, contemporary living space with built-in bookshelves, fireplace, and TV display.
Sleek, modern kitchen with white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and minimalist decor.
Modern, minimalist kitchen design with sleek white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and a potted plant.
Modern bedroom with minimalist white cabinets, curtained doorway, and patterned rug.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with sleek, gray tile walls, a white vanity, and hanging towels.

About E2 Apartment

The E2 Apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria stands as a statement of contemporary design. Designed in 2011 by Tchenguelieva Staynov Architects, this apartment presents a refreshing simplicity with its minimalistic flair.

Simplicity Meets Sophistication

Approaching E2 Apartment, one is greeted by pristine white Trani stones that pave the exterior, creating a crisp canvas that contrasts with the warmth of the adjacent wooden pool deck. The seamless transition from outdoor to indoor space sets the stage for a dwelling where design and functionality coalesce.

A Step Inside: Where Design Echoes Calm

Upon entry, the living room introduces resin floors and rough plaster walls, contributing to the apartment’s minimal aesthetic. The living space, uncluttered and airy, focuses on a wooden feature wall housing a sleek fireplace, reflecting the exterior’s blend of natural and modern elements.

Adjacent to the living area, the kitchen continues the theme of clean lines and integrated design. White cabinets and countertops maintain the unembellished elegance, while state-of-the-art appliances hint at the apartment’s practical sophistication.

The bathroom echoes the apartment’s overarching design ethos: form and function in harmony. Grey tones and sharp lines dominate, with a spacious vanity and walk-in shower emphasizing utility without compromising on style.

Finally, the bedroom serves as a tranquil retreat. The simplicity of the white closet doors and the soft drapery surrounding the bed creates an inviting ambiance that encourages rest and rejuvenation.

E2 Apartment embodies a harmonious balance of contemporary design and understated elegance, offering an insightful glimpse into the potential of modern urban living.

Photography by Minko Minkov

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- by Matt Watts