Casa Pinto by Insite Architetture

Designed in 2017 by Insite Architetture, this single-story country house is located in Salento, Italy.

Description by Insite Architetture

Casa Pinto is a country house surrounded by the olive trees in Salento, the southest area of Apulia region. It was designed by Insite Architetture Studio that consists of three young professionals in architecture and engineering.

The front kept the facade of the previous 50’s house, typical in this area, and the back, totally white, is characterized by basic volume shapes and windows with a beautiful view.
Two volumes were added to the previous unit, the first for the bedrooms and the second for the kitchen, converting the map into a horseshoe shape with a swimming pool in the middle similar to a roman impluvium.

Outside the flooring is totally white (Trani’s stones), except for the wood flooring next to the pool.
The interior finishings lend the house a minimal design with the resin flooring, rough plaster, flush to the wall doors and integrated lighting.

Photography by ORASPOT

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- by Matt Watts