St Andrews Heights Home by Johnson Interior Design

Located in Calgary, Canada, this modern single family home was designed by Johnson Interior Design.

A modern living room with a wooden slat partition, glass coffee table, and navy blue sofas.
Sleek modern living room with concrete fireplace, wood furniture, and gold accents.
Cozy living space with modern fireplace, wood accents, and sleek furnishings.
Modern, minimalist living room with wooden Eames-style lounge chair, shag rug, and potted plants.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, island, and pendant lighting fixtures.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry, a round dining table, and sculptural lighting fixture.
A cozy bedroom with modern furnishings, colorful artwork, and ample storage space.
Minimalist bedroom with a wooden accent wall, fireplace, and modern furnishings.
Spacious, modern bathroom with wooden vanity, white countertops, and large windows.
Cozy bathroom with wooden panels, vessel sink, and nature-inspired artwork.

About St Andrews Heights Home

Welcome to a walkthrough of the St Andrews Heights Home, a modern masterpiece of residential design by Johnson Interior Design. Located in the vibrant heart of Calgary, Canada, this home stands as a beacon of modern architecture.

Modern Living at St Andrews Heights

Step through the front door and you’re immediately greeted by a living room that exudes contemporary warmth. Here, deep blue sofas provide a striking contrast to the crisp white walls and the organic, wood partition that offers a visual connection to the upper level without sacrificing light or flow.

Sleek Functionality

Move into the kitchen, where functionality meets style. The walnut cabinetry aligns with the home’s modern ethos, offering ample storage and an aesthetic link to the adjacent dining area. Here, natural light dances across a wooden table set, complemented by sculptural chairs that echo the kitchen’s sleek design.

Intimate Corners

The private quarters do not shy away from the home’s design narrative. In the bedroom, a minimalist fireplace anchors the space, while thoughtful details, like the vibrant yellow throw, add a layer of warmth. Each room transitions effortlessly into the next, culminating in a cohesive narrative that Johnson Interior Design envisioned.

The St Andrews Heights Home, completed in the recent past, stands not just as a place of residence but as a testament to the power of thoughtful design. It’s a space crafted not just for today, but for a lifetime of modern living.

Photography by Eymeric Widling

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- by Matt Watts