Suburban House by TTAT

Suburban House is a modern single family home located in Tychy, Poland, designed in 2015 by TTAT.

Spacious open-plan living area with large windows, dark furniture, and wooden floors.
Open, airy living space with modern decor and large windows overlooking lush greenery.
Open-concept living area with modern kitchen, dining table, and black sofa.
Modern open-plan kitchen and dining area with large glass windows overlooking nature.
A modern open-concept living space with a large dining table, dark sofa, and wood floors.
A modern, minimalist interior with a large dining table, chairs, and a fireplace.
A modern, minimalist bedroom with clean lines, white walls, and wood flooring.
Modern, geometric house with contrasting materials, surrounded by lush greenery.
Contemporary single-story residence with a striking angular roofline, expansive windows, and a serene grassy landscape.

About Suburban House

Welcome to Suburban House, a modern home designed by TTAT in 2015, nestled in the quiet locale of Tychy, Poland. A striking feature of American architectural interest, this property showcases the harmony of design and functionality.

Modern Marvel in Tychy

Suburban House stands out with its sleek, symmetrical facade. Its gabled roofline pays homage to traditional forms, while the metallic sheathing and large windows mark a modernist approach. The exterior blends a minimalist palette with practical design, providing a glimpse into the TTAT’s vision for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

A Step Inside

Moving indoors, the living room greets visitors with vast, open space. Natural light floods through generous windows, highlighting the rich wooden floors. The layout encourages flow, with a dark, inviting sofa offering a contrast that anchors the room.

Adjacent to the living space, the dining area presents a setting for gatherings. A long table with contemporary seating emphasizes simplicity, while overhead, a high ceiling adds airiness to shared meals.

Design That Works

In the kitchen, functionality reigns. Dark countertops and cabinets offer a sleek look, and the latest appliances hint at a home that values both style and substance. The absence of upper cabinets reinforces the home’s commitment to uncluttered living.

Suburban House continues to impress with its private spaces. The bedroom serves as a retreat, with minimalist decor ensuring a restful ambiance. Across the hall, a home office with a streamlined desk setup speaks to the modern professional’s needs.

Completing the tour, we step into a room where rest and productivity meet. A bed and office space coexist, showcasing TTAT’s skill in creating versatile environments within the home’s modern design narrative.

Suburban House is more than just a house—it’s a reflection of modern living, where every detail works towards creating a cohesive, efficient, and inviting space. It stands as a prime example of TTAT’s commitment to marrying form and function, right in the heart of Tychy.

Photography courtesy by TTAT

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- by Matt Watts