Modern House in Houston by Winfrey Design Build

Designed in 2018 by Winfrey Design Build, Modern House in Houston is an inspiring two-story residence located in Houston, Texas, United States.

Modern living room with concrete walls, plush sofa, and fireplace.
Contemporary living room with concrete walls and chic furnishings.
Modern kitchen with island, bar stools, and pendant lights.
Modern dining room with table, chairs, indoor plants and a staircase.
Minimalist dining space with large windows and black accents.
Contemporary living room with neutral tones and large windows.
Contemporary living room with wooden accents and clean lines.
Modern bedroom with a tufted headboard, dark-framed doors, and
Contemporary bedroom with exposed wooden beams and large windows.
Elegant bathroom with geometric light fixture and freestanding tub.
Contemporary outdoor patio with black furniture and wooden deck.
Contemporary two-story house with large windows and a dark garage door.

About Modern House in Houston

Welcome to “Modern House in Houston,” a prime example of modernist architecture designed by Winfrey Design Build. Located in the heart of Houston, Texas, this two-story residence, completed in 2018, epitomizes contemporary luxury with a design that seamlessly blends form and function.

Elegant Exterior

As we approach, the house greets us with its bold, clean lines and a minimalist palette, a hallmark of its modern design style. The symmetrical facade, adorned with large, unadorned windows, invites natural light while offering a preview of the sophisticated interior that awaits.

Living in Luxury

The living room, a symphony of textures and neutral tones, features plush seating that encourages relaxation. Concrete accents and metal details echo the exterior’s modernist influences, bringing the outside in.

Culinary Chic

Transitioning to the kitchen, we find a space that’s both sleek and functional. Stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry reflect a penchant for clean, uncluttered spaces, while a central island becomes the heart of home life.

As we continue, each room tells its own story, with carefully chosen furniture and art that resonate with the modern aesthetic. From the serene bedroom, where tranquility reigns, to the spa-like bathroom with its crisp, clean lines, “Modern House in Houston” stands as a testament to Winfrey Design Build’s mastery of modern design. This Houston gem is not just a house, but a canvas where everyday living is elevated to an art form.

Photography courtesy of Winfrey Design Build

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- by Matt Watts