Wide House by Augusto Quijano Arquitectos

Wide House is a modern single family house located in Merida, Mexico, designed in 2016 by Augusto Quijano Arquitectos.

Sleek, modern architecture with glass walls, lush tropical landscaping, and a swimming pool.
Spacious modern living room with sleek furniture, large windows, and vibrant artwork.
Spacious modern interior with floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek furnishings, and lush greenery views.
Minimalist and modern interiors with sleek glass, wood, and leather furnishings.
Sleek, modern interior with colorful artworks, minimalist dining table and integrated kitchen.
Sleek, modern kitchen with white cabinets, island, and large windows overlooking greenery.
Spacious, modern bedroom with minimalist furniture and sleek, glossy flooring.
Sleek, modern outdoor living space with pool, palms, and inviting open-concept interior.
Modern, minimalist architecture with sprawling glass facade, lush tropical landscaping.
Minimalist villa with pool and palm trees, glass walls open to lush garden.

About Wide House

A Modern Home for a New Phase in Life

In the vibrant city of Merida, a couple sought to reimagine their living space as their children moved out. The design boldly integrates all rooms under a singular expansive roof. This approach creates a seamless transition to an inviting garden and pool area.

Design That Embraces the Outdoors

Interestingly, the design flips traditional layouts on their head. The home’s focal point shifts towards the street to the north, taking advantage of the region’s climate. This orientation enhances the connection to the outdoors, especially with the garden and pool offering stunning views of the lush vegetation beyond.

Fluid Spaces and Natural Ventilation

The concept revolves around fluidity and openness, drawing inspiration from a large terrace. The layout promotes a breeze from the southeast and northeast, ensuring airflow throughout. Living areas, defined by movable wooden walls, adapt to various needs, crafting intimate or expansive settings.

A vast entrance hall transitions into communal and private zones, including a master bedroom with a study. This versatility allows for endless spatial configurations, adapting to changing needs.

Strategic Placement and Core Services

The first section houses a garage and guest room, forming a spacious courtyard. A patio extends along the property’s rear, enhancing cross ventilation. Core services consolidate centrally, featuring essential amenities from a gym to a laundry room. This central volume, likened to a “Swiss army knife,” flexibly supports various activities.

A Harmonious Blend of Indoor and Outdoor Living

The house’s floors, made of Mexican marble, and plaster finishes, foster a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor areas. This design strategy crafts a series of transitions from light to shadow, encapsulating a blend of openness and privacy.

The architectural language responds to its context, mirroring the mid-20th-century style prevalent in Mérida. This approach not only pays homage to local traditions but also addresses the Yucatan’s climatic challenges, blending the new with the existing in a coherent visual narrative.

This modern residence epitomizes adaptability, integrating outdoor elements and flexible spaces to suit the evolving lifestyles of its inhabitants.

Photography by Eduardo Calvo

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- by Matt Watts