Apartment 501-A by Belotto Scopel Tanaka Arquitetura

Located in the Brazilian city of Curitiba, this creative apartment was designed by Belotto Scopel Tanaka Arquitetura.

Description by Belotto Scopel Tanaka Arquitetura

When developing the design to the apartment of a chill, easy-going yet voguish young couple, the social area had to be optimized into its maximum potential in order to become the party-friendly place they wanted.

The 120m² apartment in Curitiba initially had 3 bedrooms and got almost completely remodeled to attend to the clients’ needs. It got redivided, seeking the best possible solutions and creating new spaces according to the new dimensions each room would need. The walls of the kitchen and one of the bedrooms were put down in order to add extra room to the social area. The other bedroom got transformed into a closet and connected to the main bedroom. The master bathroom, enlarged upon the couple’s request.

The flooring definition was one of the most important steps of the design process. The clients wanted the place to have a retro vibe, so the architects chose wooden flooring, installed all over the apartment, Herringbone style. Another request from the owners was an apparent brick wall, which ended up leading to the whole interior design concept.

The architects came up with an interesting solution: the creation of a unique volume that contains all the kitchen appliances and also works as a space divider as it articulates an entrance hall. To make a good first impression, the entrance hall contains a sideboard designed by the architects themselves, decorated with the Guarda-Chuva floor lamp by designer Ana Neute and a painting by the Brazilian artist Glauco Menta.

At the living room, a big couch delimitates the space between the living and the dining room. The blue Joy chairs by Jader Almeida bring a spot of colour to the room. Another highlight is the home office, which is partially connected to the social area, separated only by a shelf that also works as a display for objects and books.

At the master bedroom, the headboard wall was coated with concrete panels, setting an industrial atmosphere. The artwork by Portuguese artist Eduardo Bragança and Shanghai lamp by Ana Neute help adorning the room.

The Closet contains suspended shelves designed by the architects and was custom made to the clients, aiming the space optimization. Directional spotlights and LED strip illuminated coat racks brighten the room in a modern, contemporary way.

“The end result was surprising: we were able to translate the urban, cool yet high standard demanding style of the couple into every detail of their place. This way, we generated an ambience that is at the same time intimate and sophisticated, by using the most high-end finishes, alongside pieces of design and artwork.”

Photography by Eduardo Macarios

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- by Matt Watts

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