Chabrol Apartment by Atelier Barda

Designed in 2009 by Atelier Barda, Chabrol Apartment is an inspiring loft located in Paris, France.

Cozy living room with large built-in bookshelves, vintage furnishings, and hardwood floors.
A modern, minimalist living room with large windows overlooking a cityscape, featuring sleek furniture and decor.
Modern loft with exposed brick walls, industrial shelving, and eclectic furniture.
A cozy yet modern interior with a vibrant red dresser, black accents, and diverse lighting.
A moody, rustic workspace with a striking portrait as the focal point, surrounded by vintage furnishings.
A spacious, industrial-style kitchen with a mix of modern and vintage furnishings.
A modern, open-concept kitchen and dining area with a rustic wood table and mix of chairs.
Open bathroom with glass doors, brick walls, and modern fixtures. Sleek industrial style.

About Chabrol Apartment

Paris, a city of light and love, is home to the Chabrol Apartment, a loft apartment that defies traditional design categories. The work of Atelier Barda, this apartment offers a visual feast for those who appreciate an eclectic style. Designed in 2009, this Parisian abode stands as a hallmark of creativity in urban living spaces.

Welcome to Chabrol Apartment

Upon approach, the exterior of the Chabrol Apartment mirrors the historic charm of Paris with its classic French windows and subtle facade. The tall, elegant windows invite the curious gaze, hinting at the design wonders that lie within. As one steps inside, the transition from the bustling Paris streets to the apartment’s interior is smooth, revealing a space that’s both open and welcoming.

Eclectic Allure of the Living Space

The main living area boasts a rich mix of textures and colors. Shelves brimming with books flank a modern entertainment setup, while a striking black piano stands nearby, promising melodies in the making. A wicker chair offers a unique visual anchor, contrasting with the plush sofa and vibrant red couch. Here, the Chabrol Apartment begins to reveal its character, one that’s defined by a bold, yet coherent assortment of pieces.

Transitioning into the relaxation areas, the bedroom showcases minimalistic design with a focus on comfort and functionality. The visible raw concrete and exposed brickwork are softened by the natural light that floods in through the full-height windows, creating a warm and inviting retreat. The adjoining bathroom, with its sleek black frames and glass partitions, echoes the apartment’s overarching theme of contrast and harmony.

The Heart of the Home: The Kitchen

In the kitchen, dark cabinetry and stainless steel appliances meet rustic wooden tables and varied chair designs, offering a space that’s perfect for both culinary experiments and intimate dinners. This room exemplifies the apartment’s eclectic ethos, blending old and new elements to create a dynamic, yet functional area.

Every room within the Chabrol Apartment reflects a careful curation by Atelier Barda, seamlessly weaving together disparate elements into a cohesive and inviting whole. The apartment is not just a living space; it’s a statement of design that respects the bones of the historic building while confidently expressing a modern aesthetic. In the heart of Paris, the Chabrol Apartment stands as a living gallery, where life and art converge.

Photography courtesy of Atelier Barda

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- by Matt Watts