Ozernaya Apartment by Buro 108

This inspiring Ozernaya Apartment designed in 2017 by Buro 108 is located in the Russian capital of Moscow.

A modern open-plan living area with geometric wall paneling, lush greenery, and sleek furnishings.
A modern interior design with textured hexagonal wall panels, pendant lights, and a spacious living area.
Modern dining area with white pendant light, wood and hexagon tile accents.
Modern open-plan living room with sleek furnishings, TV wall, and stylish pendant lights.
A modern, minimalist living space with clean lines, neutral tones, and lush greenery accents.
Modern, minimalist kitchen design with sleek white cabinetry, pendant lighting, and a decorative vase with flowers.
A modern, minimalist kitchen interior with sleek white cabinets, dark walls, and pendant lighting.
Minimalist bedroom with textured accent wall, dark curtains, and modern furnishings.
Contemporary bedroom with patterned wall, wooden bedframe, and modern lighting.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with clean lines, a vanity, and a sleek toilet.
A modern bathroom design featuring minimalist cabinetry, geometric tile patterns, and a sleek shower enclosure.
Sleek, modern bathroom with geometric tiled wall, minimalist fixtures, and neutral color palette.

About Ozernaya Apartment

Transforming Small Spaces: A Moscow Apartment’s Journey

Ekaterina Gritsan of Buro108 meticulously crafted this Moscow apartment for a young man, spanning 60 m² (645 sq ft). The design harmoniously marries nature, minimalism, and rustic wood, establishing a unique interior concept.

Designer’s Vision: A Personal Touch

Gritsan embarks on each project with a vision: she imagines living in the space, setting up every detail with care. From the perfect height for a shelf to the dog’s sleeping spot, she considers it all, ensuring functionality and personal touch.

Open Space Illusion

To expand the living area visually, Gritsan removed the dividing wall between the hallway and the living room/kitchen, transforming 40 m² (430 sq ft) into a seemingly larger, unified space.

Oak walls, adorned with plants, enhance the apartment’s warmth. Sourced from a Russian manufacturer, the oak proved both stylish and economical, meeting the project’s budget-friendly goals.

Innovative Lighting and Mirrors

Addressing the north-facing apartment’s lack of sunlight, white hues dominate the interior, creating a lighter, more spacious feel. A mirror door to the bedroom doubles as a space enlarger and a clever concealment of the entrance, enhancing the room’s functionality next to the wardrobe.

The bedroom, designed for relaxation, houses a large wardrobe, offering ample storage within its 3-meter width (about 9.8 feet). The walls, finished with leaf-patterned wallpaper, transform the room into a serene escape. Initially skeptical, the client quickly approved the design upon seeing the wallpaper.

A Bathroom of Elegance and Function

The bathroom combines elegance with practicality, featuring a wide sink atop storage units, a strategically placed mirror with hidden lighting, and an open shelf behind the sink for added convenience. The shower includes shelves with decorative lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere. This compact yet fully equipped bathroom strikes the perfect balance between luxury and necessity.

This Moscow apartment stands as a testament to the power of trust between client and designer. With meticulous attention to detail, Gritsan transformed a small space into a chic, charming home, proving that even on a tight budget, style and functionality can coexist beautifully.

Visualizations courtesy of Buro 108

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- by Matt Watts