Sky Living by BOarch

This spacious penthouse apartment located in Melbourne, Australia, was completely redesigned by BOarch.

Sky Living by BOarch - 1
Sky Living by BOarch - 2
Sky Living by BOarch - 3
Sky Living by BOarch - 4
Sky Living by BOarch - 5
Sky Living by BOarch - 6
Sky Living by BOarch - 7

Description by BOarch

Situated on the top floor and occupying half of the lower floor, this project sought to restore and rejuvenate the penthouse suite within a 1960s apartment tower.

The aim of the works was to open up the apartment to the immensity of the available views. A wholey unique aspect with 360 views of the city, bay and mountain ranges. The design seeks to capitalise on the multiple vistas giving the spaces a feeling of infinite extension.

The interior design and finishes aimed to draw on the history of the building while also creating a complimentary background to the views. Seeking at once to make the environment homely, relaxing to the eye and also subdued against the skyline.
The design sought to create a sophisticated environment that carried longevity. Works here were to be a legacy and not about appealing to short lived trends.

Photography courtesy of BOarch

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- by Matt Watts