Apartment in Novosibirsk by ART-UGOL

Apartment in Novosibirsk, Russia, is a contemporary three-bedroom home designed in 2017 by ART-UGOL.

Sleek living room with modern lighting fixtures, plush gray sofa, and vibrant accents.
Sleek, modern living room with plush gray sofa, statement pendant lights, and minimalist decor.
Sleek modern living room with gray couch, black coffee table, and natural wood wall accents.
Cozy bedroom with wooden accent wall, circular lighting fixtures, and gray and yellow decor.
Modern kitchen with wooden table, geometric pendant lights, and concrete wall.
A cozy, modern interior with star-patterned wallpaper, soft curtains, and a colorful rug.
Bright, modern children's bedroom with striped walls, gray and pink accents, and playful decor.
Modern bedroom with plush, wave-patterned headboard and sleek, dark furnishings.
Sleek modern bathroom design with mosaic tile wall, floating vanity, and recessed lighting.
Modern interior with sleek, dark wood paneled doors, concrete flooring, and minimalist furniture.

About Apartment in Novosibirsk

Nestled in the heart of Novosibirsk, the ‘Apartment in Novosibirsk’ is a testament to ART-UGOL’s innovative design. Completed in 2017, this contemporary three-bedroom apartment offers an exploration of modern living in Russia’s vibrant heartland.

Welcoming Modern Elegance

Upon entry, the living room greets visitors with a symphony of gray and wood tones. Geometric light fixtures cascade overhead, casting a warm glow on the plush, oversized sofa adorned with pops of mustard. The space balances comfort and style, inviting one to unwind or entertain.

Sleek Functionality

Transitioning into the kitchen, the aesthetic merges functionality with sleek design. Wooden accents continue, flanking a spacious dining table surrounded by minimalist chairs. Here, the narrative of understated elegance weaves seamlessly with practicality, embodying contemporary allure.

Moving through the apartment, the bathroom presents a spa-like retreat. Mosaic tiles and modern fixtures demonstrate ART-UGOL’s attention to detail, while ambient lighting enhances the serene environment, perfect for rejuvenation.

The bedroom serves as a sanctuary, where a sculptural headboard and muted textiles echo the living room’s sophisticated comfort. The adjacent window treatments frame views of Novosibirsk, merging the interior with the bustling city outside.

Playful Sophistication

In stark contrast, the children’s room bursts with whimsicality. Striped walls and playful motifs strike a balance between fun and fashion-forward design, showcasing ART-UGOL’s versatility.

Every corner of the ‘Apartment in Novosibirsk’ narrates a story of refined modern living, where each room unfolds with its own character yet contributes to a harmonious whole. Here, the ART-UGOL design team has curated not just a space but an experience that resonates with the pulse of contemporary Novosibirsk.

Photography by Rozonova Photo


- by Matt Watts