Casa MC by Andrea Bonetti

Located in Milan, Italy, Casa MC is a modern single family home designed in 2016 by Andrea Bonetti of Architrek.

Contemporary open-plan living room with modern furniture, fireplace, and large window offering scenic view.
Sleek, modern living room with stylish furniture, artwork, and neutral color palette.
A modern, stylish living room with a gray sofa, vibrant chairs, and framed art on the walls.
Modernist loft interior with wooden stairs, shelving, and kitchen counter. Accent plants enhance the space.
Spacious home study with wooden bookshelves, desk, and large window overlooking greenery.
Minimalist open-concept living room with monochrome palette, sleek furniture, and elegant decor.
Bright, open-concept living space with rustic wooden table and modern accents.
Modern open-plan dining area with wooden table, pendants, and eclectic decor.
Striking architectural design with modern, open-concept living space and multi-level layout.
Well-lit attic bedroom with wood and neutral-toned decor, creating a cozy ambiance.
A cozy, well-lit bedroom with matching twin beds, wooden headboards, and circular window.
Cozy bedroom with wooden furniture, textured bedding, and a window providing natural light.
A cozy, minimalist bedroom with wooden furniture, plush bedding, and a large window.
A modern bathroom with sleek, minimalist design and ample natural light from a skylight.
Elegant bathroom with mosaic tile walls, modern vanity, and walk-in shower.

About Casa MC

Nestled in the cosmopolitan embrace of Milan, Italy, Casa MC emerges as a paragon of modern architecture and interior elegance. Andrea Bonetti of Architrek, drawing upon the design ethos of 2016, breathes life into a residential marvel that speaks a universal language of style and comfort.

Eloquent Entryway

Upon entering Casa MC, the foyer sets a welcoming tone with sleek lines and a monochrome palette, heralding the modern aesthetic that defines the home. The stark, stylish furnishing against the neutral backdrop whispers sophistication, inviting visitors to explore further.

Living in Luxury

The living room unfolds in a symphony of light and space. Expansive windows frame verdant views, blurring the line between indoors and nature. The carefully curated furnishings, accented with splashes of yellow, provide a cozy yet chic space for relaxation and social gatherings.

The adjoining dining area marries functionality with design, featuring a long wooden table that anchors the space, surrounded by a chorus of eclectic chairs. It’s a tableau set for memorable dinners, bathed in the glow of a contemporary pendant light.

Culinary Canvas

A seamless transition brings one into the kitchen, where the heart of the home beats with a minimalist charm. Integrated appliances and an absence of clutter signal a devotion to the modernist creed. It’s a place not just for cooking, but for living, breathing the art of gastronomy.

Upstairs, the personal quarters await. The master bedroom, a haven of tranquility, speaks to the discerning inhabitant with its harmonious blend of wooden accents and soft textiles. The en suite bathroom, a spa-like retreat, dazzles with mosaic tiles that cascade down the shower wall, creating a backdrop of textured elegance.

In the secondary bedrooms, comfort reigns supreme. Simplicity in design allows the rooms to adapt, making them perfect for family, guests, or a creative’s sanctuary. Here, the modern meets the personal, creating spaces that are both functional and deeply soothing.

Finally, the study offers a serene escape, where focus and inspiration take center stage. Flooded with natural light, the workspace affirms Casa MC’s embrace of the modern work-life balance. This space, with its tailored design, closes the narrative of a home that is not just seen but felt, encapsulating the true essence of modern Milanese living.

Casa MC, a realization of Andrea Bonetti’s vision, stands not only as a residence but as a testament to the timelessness of modern design. It’s a space where every element converges to create not just a house, but a home crafted for the future.

Photography by Rosa Amato

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- by Matt Watts