Contemporary Oasis by DKOR Interiors

Contemporary Oasis is a single family residence located in Coco Plum, Florida, designed in 2017 by DKOR Interiors.

Spacious modern living room with sleek furniture, marble walls, and a dramatic chandelier.
Spacious modern living room with large windows, marble fireplace, and lush tropical view.
Spacious modern kitchen with sleek cabinetry, island, and recessed lighting.
Elegant dining area with minimalist furnishings and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a lush outdoor garden.
A modern and spacious living room with sleek furniture, a large wall-mounted TV, and a colorful area rug.
A modern, well-designed child's bedroom with blue accent wall, white furniture, and ample storage.
A modern nursery with gold polka dot wall decor, beige couch, and white shelving unit.
Spacious modern bedroom with clean, minimalist design and large window overlooking nature.
Spacious, light-filled bathroom features glass shower, vanity, and access to garden.
Modern bathroom with sleek vanity, backlit mirror, and textured gray wall panels.
Elegant two-story home with arched entrance, brick pavement, and lush landscaping at night.

About Contemporary Oasis

Welcome to “Contemporary Oasis,” a modern-day architectural marvel nestled in the tranquil neighborhood of Coco Plum, Florida. Designed by DKOR Interiors in 2017, this house is a testament to contemporary design, where sophistication meets comfort.

A Modern Marvel Unfolds

Our journey begins with the exterior, a vision of modernity in the dusky Florida twilight. Symmetrical arches invite us into a realm of elegance, their curved contours a prelude to the refined aesthetic within. The cobblestone pathway, a gentle guide underfoot, leads us to an abode where glass and concrete dance in silent harmony.

Transitioning indoors, we encounter a living space that epitomizes open-concept living. Here, daylight cascades through generous windows, illuminating a palette of soft neutrals and bespoke design elements. The living room is a canvas of plush textures and subtle contrasts, an embodiment of understated luxury.

Sleek Symmetry

Further in, the dining room presents a tableau of sleek lines and minimalist allure. An elegant table anchors the room, surrounded by streamlined chairs that speak of chic gatherings. The artistic light fixture overhead doubles as a sculptural statement, its glow a beacon of warmth.

Adjacent, the kitchen offers a pristine space for culinary creativity. Function melds with form, from the seamless cabinetry to the state-of-the-art appliances. A breakfast bar serves as the heart of morning routines, its sleek stools an invitation to savor a fresh start to the day.

Intimate Quarters

The master bedroom, a sanctuary of serenity, awaits with open arms. Soft hues whisper relaxation, while contemporary furnishings ensure a restful retreat. Natural light and verdant views become the artwork of this personal haven.

In the children’s room, imagination and functionality unite. Vibrant blues and whimsical details create an enclave of joy and inspiration, fostering a haven for young minds to flourish.

Concluding our tour, we revisit the living area, where evening gathers the home in its embrace. The flicker of the fireplace and the view of the twilight garden through expansive windows create a symphony of indoor-outdoor living, a signature of this remarkable residence.

“Contemporary Oasis” stands as a beacon of modern living, where every corner is a dialogue with design, and every space a testament to the timeless elegance of DKOR Interiors. Here, in Coco Plum, Florida, life unfolds in a dance of design and delight.

Photography by Alexia Fodere

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- by Matt Watts