Apartment in Busto Arsizio by Archiplan

Apartment in Busto Arsizio, Italy, is an inspiring attic apartment designed in 2017 by Archiplan.

Modern living room with chesterfield sofa, wood paneling, and shelving
Sleek attic office with elegant sitting area and built-in bookshelf.
Elegant attic lounge with chesterfield sofa and wooden finishes.
Elegant living room with a tufted sofa and built-in bookshelves
Modern attic room with skylight, wooden floors, and decorative sideboard.
Cozy corner with a navy blue armchair and a small white side table.
Scandinavian-style interior with a wooden bookshelf and matching door.
Modern living room with sofa, geometric lamp, and bookshelf.
Contemporary attic bedroom with skylight, wooden walls, and designer chair.
Cozy wooden bedroom interior with modern white chair and bed.

About Apartment in Busto Arsizio

Nestled in the heart of Busto Arsizio, Italy, the “Apartment in Busto Arsizio” is a contemporary testament to Archiplan’s innovative design ethos. Designed in 2017, this residential gem redefines the urban living experience, inviting residents into a world where elegance meets functionality.

A Contemporary Entryway

Upon entering the apartment, visitors are greeted by a sophisticated blend of warm wooden tones and sleek, modern furnishings. The wooden panels create a continuous, flowing canvas throughout the space, interrupted only by the welcoming glow of designer lamps.

The Heart of the Home

The living room exudes a tranquil allure, with its plush, tufted sofa offering a visual and tactile contrast to the minimalist bookshelf that spans an entire wall. Here, carefully selected books and artifacts echo the homeowner’s refined taste, underpinned by a light, neutral color palette.

Transitioning from the communal to the private quarters, the bedroom reveals an intimate enclave. The room maximizes the natural light flowing through the skylight, casting an ethereal ambiance over the serene color scheme and tactile fabrics. The result is a sanctuary that promises rest and rejuvenation.

A Study in Elegance

Completing the journey, a minimalist hallway culminates in a display of functionality. The sleek surfaces are adorned with curated objects that reflect a meticulous attention to detail. The inclusion of natural elements, like the refreshing greenery, infuses life into the contemporary space.

This “Apartment in Busto Arsizio” stands as a beacon of contemporary design, artfully crafted by Archiplan. It presents a cohesive narrative of modernity and warmth, reimagining the urban living space for discerning residents of Busto Arsizio.

Photography by Davide Galli

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- by Matt Watts