Bunker Hamburg by Thomas Schacht

Bunker Hamburg is a industrial apartment located in Hamburg, Germany, designed in 2017 by Thomas Schacht.

Modern bedroom with glass partition and concrete walls
Contemporary interior with minimalist furniture and concrete walls.
Industrial-style interior with exposed concrete and glass partitions.
Modern living room with concrete walls, stylish furniture, and large windows.
Modern living room with gray tones, concrete walls, and large windows.
Minimalist kitchen with sleek black cabinetry and concrete backsplash.
Minimalist bedroom with concrete walls and abstract art piece.
Contemporary bathroom with marble sink and black accents.
Modern bathroom with marble sink, wall-mounted faucet, and stylish heated towel rail.
Contemporary balcony with wood decking and minimalist seating.

About Thomas Schacht

Discover the Unforgettable: The Bunker Experience

Staying at The Bunker offers an unforgettable experience. While it sits close to Hamburg’s endless buzz, it also provides a private retreat. Here, you can soak in the city’s vibe and then escape to your own secluded haven. The Bunker blends luxury with the comfort of home, ensuring a seamless stay away from home.

A Historical Sanctuary: The Bunker’s Past

Constructed in 1939 as World War II dawned, The Bunker originally aimed to shield a nearby women’s and children’s hospital. However, planners ultimately connected it to the hospital, transforming it into a sanctuary for newborns and their mothers, as well as a serene spot for surgery. Although initially planned to host a “Flak-Kanon,” a Red Cross flag instead signaled its purpose. Amidst the devastation of Allied bombings, The Bunker stood resilient, serving its noble mission.

A New Chapter: Renovation and Rebirth

For years post-war, The Bunker languished, forgotten. That changed when two local developers, driven by the dream of the perfect project, took it over. Starting in 2013, they embarked on a meticulous renovation journey. Given its status as a protected historical monument, the process was slow and respectful, blending contemporary interior design with the structure’s original elements.

In the basement, the original diesel generator stands as a testament to the past. Restored to its wartime appearance, it showcases the bunker’s historical function. Ascending the stairway reveals remnants of the bunker’s heating system, with large, rusty pipes protruding from the walls.

Modern Refuge: The Bunker Apartment

The Bunker Apartment serves as a modern sanctuary, whether you’re in Hamburg for work or a weekend escape. Over three years, from 2014 to 2017, the bunker underwent a transformation. It became a statement piece near Hamburg’s center, its design influenced by its original purpose of protection.

Adhering to the principle that function dictates form, the apartment showcases solid concrete and spacious areas. The preservation of raw walls, crafted in 1939, honors the workers’ efforts. Large windows on the south and east walls flood the space with light, offering stunning city views.

Equipped with the highest standards of interior design and furnishings, The Bunker Apartment ensures every detail delights and simplifies life. From the moment you step inside, you’ll feel right at home, comfortable, and at ease in this unique blend of history and modern luxury.

Photography courtesy of Thomas Schacht

- by Matt Watts