Bijou Marylebone Apartment by Maurizio Pellizzoni

Located in London, United Kingdom, Bijou Marylebone Apartment is an inspiring home designed in 2017 by Maurizio Pellizzoni.

Contemporary living room with eclectic decor and large window.
Contemporary living room with large windows leading to a balcony.
Modern kitchen and living room interior with a large window.
Modern living room with a sofa, coffee table, and balcony view.
Modern kitchen interior with white cabinets, wooden countertops, and appliances.
Modern kitchen interior with white cabinets and wooden countertops.
Contemporary living room with elegant furniture and pastel tones.
Modern bedroom with large art above the bed, blue bedding, and a vintage rug
Modern bathroom with pink tiles, gold fixtures, and glass shower partition.

About Bijou Marylebone Apartment

Welcome to “Bijou Marylebone Apartment”, a gem nestled in London’s urban tapestry, designed by the distinguished Maurizio Pellizzoni. Capturing the essence of Scandinavian design, this apartment, conceived in a modernist spirit, invites serenity into the bustling city life.

Urban Retreat: Scandinavian Serenity

The Bijou Marylebone Apartment stands proudly amidst London’s architectural collage. The structure harmonizes with the city’s rhythm while offering a tranquil retreat.

The Heart of Home: A Study in Light and Space

Entering the living area, light dances across the sleek, modern furniture, a testament to Pellizzoni’s design philosophy. Scandinavian simplicity reigns, with a palette of soft grays and whites complemented by the occasional bold artwork that adds a pulse to the room.

The kitchen unfolds as a functional sculpture. Here, form meets function in the seamless integration of state-of-the-art appliances and uncluttered surfaces. A perfect harmony of white cabinetry and natural wood tones encapsulates the Scandinavian ethos.

In the bedroom, a sanctuary awaits. The tranquil color scheme continues, with plush textiles and strategic lighting conjuring a cocoon of comfort. The art, a whisper of color and personality, completes the narrative of this intimate space.

An Oasis of Calm: A Fluid Transition to Privacy

The bathroom reveals a canvas of soothing hues and textures. Gold fixtures offer a touch of opulence, juxtaposed with the clean lines of subway tiles and sleek surfaces, embodying the apartment’s luxurious yet understated theme.

Finally, the balcony serves as the perfect interlude between the vibrant city and the apartment’s serene interior. It’s a space to breathe, framed by a minimalist railing, with a vista of London’s dynamic skyline.

Each room in the Bijou Marylebone Apartment articulates Pellizzoni’s masterful blend of comfort, style, and functionality. This apartment is not just a space—it’s a conversation with its city, a dialogue between design and living.

Photography by Jake Fitzjones

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- by Matt Watts