Venetian Island Waterfront by In-Site Design Group

Located in Miami Beach, Florida, Venetian Island Waterfront is a contemporary single family residence designed by In-Site Design Group.

Contemporary beachfront villa with pool and large windows.
Modern house with large windows, poolside loungers, and a palm garden.
Contemporary house with pool and palm trees.
Sleek minimalist kitchen with light wood tones and white accents.
Modern kitchen interior with sleek design and a large island.
Modern bedroom with large windows overlooking a city skyline.
Modern bathroom with a large window view of greenery.
Contemporary bathroom with sleek design and natural light.
Elegant bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and water view.
Luxurious outdoor patio with seating, BBQ, and waterfront view.
Sleek waterfront home with panoramic glass walls and infinity pool.
Contemporary home with tropical landscaping and flat roofs.
Luxurious seaside villa with pool and large glass windows at dusk.

About Venetian Island Waterfront

Nestled in the splendor of Miami Beach, the Venetian Island Waterfront emerges as a contemporary jewel, designed by the acclaimed In-Site Design Group. This house, a paradigm of luxury, rests on San Marino island, embracing the calm of Biscayne Bay with its thoughtfully composed geometry and natural materials. Designed as a sanctuary for seamless indoor-outdoor living, it offers a tranquil escape with unmatched views and opulent comforts.

Modern Elegance Meets Tropical Paradise

Approaching the Venetian Island Waterfront, one is struck by the simplicity of its façade, a blend of clean lines and varied textures that announce contemporary design while honoring natural aesthetics. The house, enveloped by lush tropical foliage, affords a view that stretches to the cerulean Biscayne Bay, epitomizing the quintessence of Miami’s luxe waterfront living.

An Architectural Symphony of Light and Space

Transitioning inside, the grandeur of the open-plan living area unfolds with polished grace, where floor-to-ceiling windows invite daylight to dance on sleek surfaces. The kitchen, a culinary haven, boasts state-of-the-art appliances set against warm wooden tones, promising an experience that delights both the gourmet and the aesthete.

Each master suite is an oasis of calm, with expansive terraces offering private vistas of Miami’s skyline. The bathrooms, echoing the home’s architectural language, feature minimalist design and luxurious finishes, creating spaces that are both functional and visually arresting.

The Venetian Island Waterfront is not just a residence; it is a statement of artful living, designed in the pursuit of excellence. With every room offering a connection to the outdoors, the house stands as a testament to luxury that is both grand and intimately connected to its prime location on Miami Beach.

Photography courtesy of In-Site Design Group

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- by Matt Watts