Mews House by Hogarth Architects

Mews House is a Traditional brick house located in London, United Kingdom, redesigned in 2017 by Hogarth Architects.

Modern living room with blue chairs, wooden beams, and glass partition.
Minimalist kitchen with exposed beams and sleek furniture.
Modern kitchen with white cabinets, wooden ceiling, and bar stools.
Modern home interior with glass walls, high ceiling, and minimalist decor.
Sleek white living room with large windows and minimalist decor.
Modern minimalist children's bedroom with white decor and toy trucks.
Sleek bedroom with seamless transition to ensuite bathroom.
Contemporary bathroom with hexagonal tiles and skylight.
Front view of a charming mews house with contrasting modern windows and a traditional brick

About Mews House

Nestled in the serenity of a quiet West London mews, a mid-terrace house undergoes a transformative refurbishment, tailored for family harmony.

Innovative Design for Family Living

A family’s desire for unity ignites the redesign of this property, aiming to forge a vast, open space for collective moments. The novel layout, adopting an ‘upside down’ structure, positions sleeping quarters on the lower levels and communal areas—kitchen, living, and dining—aloft. This ingenious setup grants each family member their distinct space while promoting togetherness.

Masterful Light Manipulation

Strategically, the renovation emphasizes light diffusion, particularly to the basement, by incorporating glass floors, stepped beds, and a custom perforated staircase. Upstairs, expansive windows not only spotlight the lush trees but also bathe the interior in natural light. Meanwhile, slender windows in the children’s bedrooms capture the mesmerizing dance of passing trains, adding a whimsical touch.

For the children’s sanctuary, designers installed two large sliding pocket doors. This feature transforms the space, merging two rooms and a hallway into a sprawling play area.

This architectural marvel redefines family living, showcasing how design can foster connection and playfulness, all while bathing in natural light.

Photography courtesy of Hogarth Architects

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- by Matt Watts