West Coast Modern by Rockwood Custom Homes

West Coast Modern is a luxurious modern residence located in Canada, designed in 2018 by Rockwood Custom Homes.

Modern house with large windows and wooden accents in a snowy landscape.
Contemporary living room with fireplace and elegant furnishings
Modern living room with fireplace, sofas, and large window
Elegant open-plan living space with sleek furniture and hardwood floors.
Contemporary kitchen with sleek finishes and a large dining table.
Spacious kitchen with a central island, white cabinetry, and hardwood floors.
Modern bathroom with a bathtub, glass shower, and unique light fixture.
Contemporary mudroom with white cabinetry and herringbone floor.
Modern building entrance with wood paneling and glass doors.

About West Coast Modern

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Canada, “West Coast Modern” stands as a testament to Rockwood Custom Homes’ prowess in crafting modern luxury. Designed in 2018, this house exudes an architectural language that speaks of clarity, simplicity, and an intimate connection with its surroundings.

Architectural Splendor in Snow

The home’s exterior captivates with its bold geometric forms, a harmonious blend of wood, glass, and stone that beckons visitors inside. It’s a silhouette that interrupts the wintry landscape with its warm, inviting hues, a signature style of Rockwood Custom Homes.

Modern Elegance Meets Functional Design

Through the main entrance, the foyer transitions into a spacious living area. Natural light floods through towering windows, casting a glow on the sleek wooden floors that lead guests through the heart of the home. Each room is an open invitation to luxury and comfort, with a seamless flow that echoes the serene exteriors.

The kitchen, a culinary haven, boasts state-of-the-art appliances set against crisp white cabinetry and an expansive island. It’s a space designed not just for cooking, but for gathering, reflecting the home’s commitment to form and function.

Adjacent to the culinary space, the dining area marries style with simplicity. Here, conversations linger over meals shared under the soft luminescence of contemporary lighting fixtures, with views of the winter landscape as a backdrop.

Intimate Interiors: A Personal Oasis

The tranquility of West Coast Modern extends into the private quarters. The bathroom serves as a personal retreat, with glass enclosures reflecting the marble’s dance of veins, a blend of art and architecture.

In the living room, plush furnishings invite relaxation, while the fireplace’s gentle crackle underscores an ambiance of refined comfort. The house, a realm of understated elegance, maintains a dialogue with its locale, offering a space that’s as serene as it is luxurious.

As the narrative of West Coast Modern unfolds, each room tells a story of meticulous design and thoughtful integration with nature. It’s a place where every detail works in concert to create a living experience that is both grand and intimate, a hallmark of Rockwood Custom Homes’ dedication to excellence in modern luxury.

Photography courtesy of Rockwood Custom Homes

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- by Matt Watts