Apartment in Shenzhen by Dickson Hung

Apartment in Shenzhen located in China is a beautiful luxury apartment designed by Dickson Hung.

Luxurious living room interior with modern furniture and elegant decor.
Elegant living room with marble accents and chic decor.
Elegant dining room with chandelier and mirrored walls.
Sleek kitchen with glossy white cabinets and marble flooring.
Modern home office with desk, chair, and shelving units.
Modern bedroom with geometric wall design and neutral tones.
Elegant bedroom with plush bedding, geometric wall panels, and sleek furniture.
Luxurious hotel room with modern decor, large bed, and elegant furnishings.

About Apartment in Shenzhen

Embark on a journey through the largest creative show flat of Kingkey Real Estate’s Grace Park project, where DHO masterfully employs geometric collage art to infuse modern luxury spaces with style and innovation. This unique approach allows residents to indulge in a life that’s both high in quality and rich in artistry.

A Home for the Urban Elite

Designed as the epitome of urban sophistication, this show flat caters to a new noble family of five. The 40-year-old head of the household exemplifies control over quality and detail, boasting a refined taste in fashion and art. Similarly, the 35-year-old matriarch leads in fashion sensibility, cherishing the luxury and brilliance of diamonds.

Geometric Elegance in Design

The living and dining areas showcase geometric art through a unique blend of three different stone types and stainless steel on the floor, reminiscent of diamond-cut artistry. This design choice not only signals luxury but also adds depth to the space. The jade stone against the TV background harmonizes with abstract paintings, while an artistic chandelier’s soft lighting envelops the room in warmth.

Transitioning seamlessly, the theme of diamond-inspired art extends throughout the space. In the bedroom, a diamond-shaped wood floor and geometrically patterned wall decorations speak to a lifestyle of understated elegance. The mirror’s geometric patterns and the toilet’s distinctive mosaic arrangement further echo this theme, creating a living experience that’s both luxurious and tastefully subdued.

Through this meticulous design, the show flat stands as a testament to living in luxury without ostentation, offering a sophisticated, art-filled life for the discerning urban family.

Photography courtesy of Dickson Hung

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- by Matt Watts