Apartment in Shenzhen by Dickson Hung

Located in Shenzhen, China, this beautiful apartment was designed by Dickson Hung.

Description by Dickson Hung

This is the largest creative show flat of Kingkey Real Estate’s Grace Park project. DHO ingeniously used geometric collage art language to inject fashionable and innovative elements into the modern luxury space, so that people can enjoy a high qualified and artistic life in the city.

As a generator of life and art, this show flat is defined as a home for the urban new noble family of five members. The host is 40 years old, who precisely controls the quality and details both at work and in daily life, and has a high aesthetic taste for fashion and art. The hostess is 35 years old, who has a leading concept of fashion and a unique sense of trend, and loves the exquisiteness and luxury of shining diamonds.

The geometric art is firstly reflected in the combination of three different kinds of stones and stainless steel on the floor of the living room and dining room. The design concept came from the cutting art of diamond, which creates a space temperament with luxury and connotation. The natural texture of the jade stone on the TV background is echoing with the abstract art painting perfectly, and the soft lighting transmitted through the artistic chandelier adds a warm feeling into the living space.

The design elements derived from diamond extend to the arrangement of the whole space, including the diamond-shaped wood floor in the bedroom, the special geometric decoration on the bedroom wall, the geometric patterns of the mirror on the wall, as well as the distinctive mosaic collocation in the toilet. All of them accomplish a living experience that is luxurious, elegant but not flashy.

Photography courtesy of Dickson Hung

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- by Matt Watts