Palm Springs Home by Engberg Design & Development

Palm Springs Home is a mid-century single story house located in Palm Springs, California, designed by Engberg Design & Development.

Modern living room with art, sectional sofa, and wooden paneling.
Contemporary living room with fireplace and large artwork.
Minimalist living space with floor-to-ceiling glass walls overlooking a pool.
Contemporary bedroom with wood paneling and clear chair
Sleek bedroom with large glass walls, nighttime view, and warm lighting.
Sleek mid-century house with poolside loungers and flat roof.
Modern house with illuminated interior and pool at twilight.

About Palm Springs Home

Palm Springs Home: A Mid-Century Masterpiece

Nestled in the heart of Palm Springs, California, the Palm Springs Home stands as a testament to mid-century design. Conceived by Engberg Design & Development, this single-story house embraces the desert landscape with its seamless indoor-outdoor integration. Built with an eye for detail and a nod to the past, the home was designed to encapsulate the essence of the mid-century era while incorporating modern living standards.

Serenity in Structure: The Exterior

The home’s facade, set against the backdrop of Palm Springs’ iconic palm trees, presents clean lines and expansive glass windows. The twilight sky casts a serene glow over the property, highlighting the sleek, flat roof and open-plan design that is characteristic of the period. The front view reveals a symphony of light and shadow, as carefully placed lighting accentuates the architectural elements, inviting visitors to discover more.

Transitioning to the rear, the home opens up to a pristine pool, reminiscent of the luxurious lifestyle of the 1950s and 60s. Here, modern landscaping intertwines with the natural environment, creating a tranquil oasis perfect for relaxation or entertainment.

Inside the Icon: A Tour of the Interior

Upon entering, one is greeted by a spacious living room that blurs the boundaries between inside and out. Full-length glass doors offer unobstructed views of the lush exterior, flooding the space with natural light. The room is anchored by a warm, wood-paneled wall that contrasts beautifully with the soft, neutral tones of the plush furniture. A bold, abstract painting adds a splash of color, embodying the home’s artistic flair.

Adjacent to the living room, a chic dining area and a state-of-the-art kitchen boast top-of-the-line appliances and sleek surfaces. It’s a space where functionality meets design, showcasing custom cabinetry that mirrors the home’s overall aesthetic.

The master bedroom continues the theme of tranquility with floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the verdant outdoors. A contemporary chair, transparent and floating, juxtaposes against the solid wood backdrop, while the room’s palette remains soothing and minimalistic.

Each space within Palm Springs Home, from the open-plan living area to the private quarters, harmonizes with the next. Engberg Design & Development has created not just a house, but a living, breathing piece of art, deeply rooted in its mid-century heritage yet fully equipped for the modern dweller.

Photography courtesy of Engberg Design & Development

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- by Matt Watts