Syshaus by Arthur Casas Design

Syshaus is a modern single-story house located in São Paulo, Brazil, designed in 2018 by Arthur Casas Design.

Sleek house with flat roof, expansive patio, and lush garden.
Contemporary outdoor patio with sleek furnishings and pond.
Contemporary living room with family, wooden panels, and plush sofa.
Modern dining room with large table, chairs, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Contemporary room with neutral tones, wood accents, and minimalist decor.
Modern bedroom with large bed, wooden headboard, and abstract artwork.
Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, wooden cabinets, and a garden view
Child playing near an adult lounging on outdoor furniture, with modern house facade in
Sleek house with large windows, flat roof, and outdoor lounge area.

About Syshaus

Introducing Syshaus: A New Era of Living

Syshaus enters the market with a groundbreaking concept, redefining living with quality, practicality, and sustainability. Not just ideals, these pillars are the foundation of its effective practices. This innovative structural system features standardized pillars, beams, joint nodes, and screws. Together, they allow for versatile plant and program configurations across up to three floors, suitable for both flat and sloped terrains.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Dubbed ‘ecosystemic,’ the construction process respects nature from start to finish, potentially wrapping up in just six months. It stands out by assembling residences without waste or natural resource consumption, notably water, which conventional construction often squanders.

Sustainable Living

Syshaus embeds sustainability into daily life with three essential systems: rainwater harvesting for irrigation, a domestic biodigester converting organic waste into gas for heating and cooking, plus fertilizer, and photovoltaic panels for solar energy. These systems, combined with intelligent monitoring, maximize energy efficiency and eliminate utility bills.

Optional features enhance comfort and convenience, including a green roof for thermal and acoustic insulation, and home automation. Security options feature intelligent locks and cameras, both controllable via smartphone for seamless surveillance.

Customer-Centric Approach

Syshaus revolutionizes home buying by offering a product with clear options, prices, and timelines, eliminating the usual construction surprises. Its durable construction system exceeds industry standards, backed by a 20-year warranty. The design also simplifies repairs and replacements, allowing easy assembly and disassembly.

Arthur Casas brings a unique touch to the interior design, embracing a free-standing concept. Independent module cabinets and kitchens offer flexibility and portability, reflecting the homeowner’s preferences. Casas’ designs allow customization in finishes, coatings, and layouts, ensuring a tailored living experience.

Innovative and Evolving

Every piece of furniture and accessory, including exclusive designs by Arthur Casas, showcases innovation. Syshaus is equipped with the latest technologies and remains adaptable to future advancements, embodying a dynamic process of evolution and updating. This approach ensures that Syshaus homes are not just residences but a testament to living art, ever-evolving with their inhabitants’ needs and the technological landscape.

Photography by Filippo Bambergh

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- by Matt Watts