Gingerbread Apartment by Fateeva Design

Designed by Fateeva Design, this contemporary 860 sq ft apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine.

Description by Fateeva Design

The color scheme of this interior is like a multicolored gingerbread glaze. The landlady of the apartment likes to bake gingerbread. Her husband and son say that she is a really good baker.

The first apartment of a young family – was full of dreams about a new life in a cozy “nest”, joint warm evenings, beautiful holidays, a comfortable corner for the hobby and creativity of everyone. This emotionally charged project went to Elena Fateeva from Fateeva Design. Inspired not only the life-affirming potential of the forthcoming work, but also the attitude of the customers. The couple fully trusted the designer and, after a detailed study of the technical tasks, the family moved into a fully finished apartment after six months.
The interior is solved by a holistic, clean volume: the maximum of light and air, the extremely clear geometry of simple shapes. The main factor of the atmosphere is white color. Creating a feeling of freshness, white color collects the rooms together and emphasizes the subtle gradation of the pastel palette of the decor.

Work on the project began with redevelopment. After communicating with the family of customers, acquaintance with their way of life and plans, Elena proposed to change the proportions and partly the functions of the rooms, as well as to abandon the second bathroom. The kitchen was assigned to the bedroom. The bedroom turned into a living space – and combined the functions of the living room, kitchen and dining room. The mirror wall in the living room visually increases the narrow, elongated room.

The guest space is separated from the hall by a two-sided wardrobe. On the side of the living room is a storage system with a laconic, “dissolving” white facade; and in the hallway – a full wardrobe with a mirror in the floor.

Photography by Andrey Avdeenko

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- by Matt Watts

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