Troll Hus by Mork Ulnes Architects

Troll Hus located in Norden, California, is a 3,300 sf single-family residence designed in 2018 by Mork Ulnes Architects.

Sleek wooden interior with natural light and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Contemporary kitchen with wooden accents and sleek design.
Modern wooden dining area with large windows overlooking a forest.
Wooden corridor with glass walls overlooking a forest.
Dark-colored cabin surrounded by snowy trees under a clear sky.
Angular black-clad house with lit windows amidst a forest.
Modern black cabin in a forest with lights on at dusk.

About Troll Hus

Introduction to Troll Hus: A Modern Alpine Retreat

Nestled in Norden, California, Troll Hus stands as a beacon of modern architecture, spanning 3,300 square feet (306.58 square meters). This single-family residence thrives, thanks to its strategic design tailored to the harsh conditions of its 6,800-foot (2,073.76 meters) elevation and its embrace of the California lifestyle, which favors expansive indoor-outdoor living areas.

Innovative Design for Extreme Weather

Engineers lifted the house on sturdy concrete legs, safeguarding it from snowfalls that can surpass 800 inches (20.32 meters) annually. Additionally, the home’s clever orientation not only provides a shield against the biting winds but also ensures that its living spaces bask in sunlight. The south-facing balconies, wrapped in glass, capture the winter sun while shading the interior during the hot summer months.

Maximizing Space and Light

The heart of Troll Hus lies in its upper-level main living area, where an open plan unfolds beneath two vaulted ceilings adorned with skylights. These architectural features create intimate areas that echo the cozy feel of an alpine cabin, offering a serene retreat from the world.

Harmonious with Nature

Clad in pine tar-treated wood, a material with a millennium of use in Norwegian barns, the building showcases a natural, durable exterior. This choice allows Troll Hus to blend seamlessly into the surrounding pine canopy, standing as a testament to design that respects and enhances its natural setting.

In conclusion, Troll Hus exemplifies a harmonious balance between modern architectural principles and the rugged beauty of its alpine setting. Its thoughtful design not only tackles the challenges of its environment but also celebrates the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living, making it a true modern marvel in the realm of architecture and interior design.

Photography by Bruce Damonte

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- by Matt Watts