Mamaroneck House by SPG Architects

Mamaroneck House designed in 2017 by SPG Architects, is a modern single family residence located in Mamaroneck, New York.

Contemporary two-story home with contrasting wood and white facade, surrounded by lush green
Sleek kitchen with white cabinets and wood paneling.
Modern living room with high ceiling, hanging light fixture, and floating staircase.
Mamaroneck House by SPG Architects - 4
Modern staircase with wooden steps, concrete wall, and glass balustrade.
Modern bathroom interior with circular mirror and white fixtures.
Modern interior with a skylight, concrete pillar, and glass railing.
Modern house with illuminated windows at dusk, featuring a pool and patio area.

About Mamaroneck House

A Modern Retreat in Westchester County

Nestled in the woods of Westchester County, the Mamaroneck House spans 5,500 square feet (511 square meters) and boasts a design that seamlessly integrates large kitchen, dining, and living areas. Also, it includes a study, a spacious master suite, a cozy family room, and four additional bedrooms. Furthermore, a 3,000 square foot (279 square meter) basement offers a children’s play area, a media center, and a compact gym. Additionally, a three-car garage completes the layout.

Dynamic Exterior Meets Thoughtful Interior

The house greets the street with a formally designed facade, making a bold statement with its dynamic entrance canopy. Conversely, the rear facade comes to life, showcasing a blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Here, a double-volume transparent cube and solid volumes craft a nuanced interplay between interior comfort and the natural environment. Moreover, a detached dining pavilion subtly erases the boundary between inside and outside.

Elegant Materials and Natural Light

SPG Architects chose a minimalist palette for the Mamaroneck House, emphasizing stucco, wood screens, cladding, grey tiles, plaster, stainless steel, and walnut floors and millwork. This choice ensures a timeless elegance throughout the property. Large openings not only enhance the flow of natural light but also create a play of light and shadow, further softened by the surrounding trees’ dappled daylight.

In summary, the Mamaroneck House stands as a testament to modern design, where every element works in harmony to connect the inhabitants with their environment, making it a perfect sanctuary in Westchester County.

Photography courtesy of SPG Architects

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- by Matt Watts